After a thorough evaluation of our practice, we met to discuss our business and our particular goals. Our consultant was interested in serving our particular needs, and not trying to fit us into someone else’s idea of an ideal practice. This flexibility and willingness to work towards our goals allowed her to gain the respect and friendship of everyone in our office. Once we established which direction to travel, Transitions hands-on work, through several in-office consultations helped us to achieve our goals. Their excellent communication skills, and gentle good humour allowed us to focus our efforts as necessary. Through monitoring, and return visits, they have helped us to keep that focus, allowing us to meet our production gals, and improve office morale. In fact, our production increases have made our relationship a very wise financial investment. I would encourage anyone considering enlisting the service of a consultant to contact Transitions and discuss their needs and wishes with them. They are most helpful, effective and a pleasure to deal with.