I was asked by my Transition’s coach and friend, to inform you of my experience using various techniques that she has taught me and my team.

May I first say that very little of what was presented so far is brand new to me. I have read leadership books, “how to deal with difficult people” books, books on coping skills, etc. I have previously taken personality profile tests and hired a practice consultant. What I have not previously experienced is *****!

***** has a way of asking the tough questions that force you to really think about the answer. She is tenacious and kind, strong and gentle. She is always willing to give the benefit of the doubt and she has a conscience. But enough sucking up.

My staff and I have been shown the merits of true communication and problem solving techniques. With her help, I personally have become a better boss when I saw how my “intent” created an “impact” and what that meant. My former leadership style was not getting me the results I said that I wanted. ***** has been instrumental in coaching me to use a better, more productive style in both my professional and personal life. I know that my staff have used “active listening” and “I” statements with their families and our patients to reduce stress and potential conflict. The problem-solving techniques and the win-win questions that we just learned have proven to be very valuable.

So, thank you Transitions for *****. And thank you, *****.