Dear Lisa

As you know my Kolbe experience began with skepticism and doubt as I did what you asked and myself and our team completed the index on line.

As soon as we began the workshop with Lisa I quickly became interested and consumed with the potential benefits that this heightened understanding of not only ourselves but those that we interact with daily could bring.

This eye opening tool of our greatest advantages and talents and each specific person and how they achieve soon answered many questions about why I seemingly hire those that bolster my weaknesses and also why our team usually works exceptionally well together in synergy.

It is amazing to me that how productive and efficient it is when we focus on team member’s talents and certainly is a much more fulfilling way to lead when encouraging people to strive to be their best using their natural gifts and strengths and not focusing on their weaknesses. This tool takes getting the right people on the team and in the right seats to new heights. Thanks more than words can say for your time and energy. You are an inspiration!