Melanie Patten

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Melanie Patten

Analytical Coach

Melanie is a committed Leader, Registered Dental Hygienist and an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. She brings over 15 years of diverse professional experience ranging from; clinical practice, training and development, post-secondary academics and management. Melanie has a genuine passion for sharing her knowledge and helping others achieve great success. She is results driven, has high expectations and brings tremendous optimism and energy to her work.


Melanie unique style of blending personal and professional qualities helps her connect with all team members and foster cultures rich in engagement. She has a natural ability to see the big picture while taking complex situations and simplifying them into doable processes. Melanie is known for her ability to listen on multiple levels, helping her to clearly understand complex priorities, identify key strengths and crucial gaps. She can be relied on to create increased self-awareness, accountability and understanding amongst teams. Melanie believes that there is a solution to every challenge when leveraging each other’s potential, being collaborative and curious, and focusing on the strategic goal.


To maintain this level of drive and determination, Melanie knows the importance of recharging her batteries. She devotes time to working with her professional coach on a weekly basis, practices restorative yoga, protects her “power hour” (time alone each day with no agenda), skis, has lazy PJ days with her boys, enjoys indulgent meals and loves time outdoors especially when its lakeside.

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