Maureen Dewan

Team Details

Maureen Dewan

Administrative & Technology Coordinator

Maureen enhances through technology.

Maureen’s inquisitive style and ability to adapt quickly enhance the role of technology at Transitions. Strengths include the ability to see the bigger picture, how things/people connect; assessing risk to eliminate variables, making the most use of research and experience to make the best use of technology resources.

Incorporating her in-depth research skills, the ability to define objectives and establish priorities, Maureen’s talents enhance productivity through more efficient use of technology. Her ability to improvise, experiment and initiate innovation and her ability to relate to others, help to improve and develop user-friendly strategies to simplify technology.

Maureen is a perfectionist, systematic, precise, and conscientious and thrives in situations requiring attention to detail. Her willingness to encourage the input of others allows for the development of a workable consensus.

Constant adaption is a goal for Maureen; always looking for a better, faster, more accurate method. Maureen is passionate about family and friends, gardening, laughter, photography, nature and is a life-long learner with an insatiable curiosity about the world around her.

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