Lisa Cairns

Team Details

Lisa Cairns

Clinical Coach & Dental Assisting

Lisa Cairns brings over 21yrs of overall Dental Assisting experience to Transitions North America Group. She has a passion for dentistry and brings creative assessments, and purchasing economics that is guaranteed to improve any practice with finesse.

Lisa is committed to furthering the knowledge of the dental team for maximum performance within the dental practice. She has applied herself to many different facets of dentistry and holds the best interest of any practice she works with. She prides herself on personal and professional growth by applying her expertise to help practices improve their operational efficiencies.

Lisa’s free time is spent in other extensions of her success – she is a cosmetologist and interior decorator by trade and continues to enjoy both still. Lisa’s best days are spent with her four children who love to play just about every sport with her.

Lisa is best known in the dental industry for leaving her mark by the flash of her “Signature Smile” and expertise.

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