Karima Bapoo-Mohamed

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Karima Bapoo-Mohamed

Clinical Coach – Hygiene

Karima is a graduate of two faculties from the University of Alberta in Edmonton – her undergraduate in the Dental Hygiene program and a master’s degree in Business Administration. She is an associate clinical professor at the dental hygiene department at the University of Alberta.

She is the co-director of the Diploma in Dental Hygiene (DDH) program at the Aga Khan University in Karachi, a program she has been instrumental in its research, development, implementation and ongoing evaluation.

Karima has conducted clinical research and published a paper on Implant hygiene protocols and peri-implant tissue assessments. Aside from North American venues, she has conducted extensive worldwide training in countries of Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe including Russia.

As a creative and collaborative leader, Karima has been able to motivate and empower teams with different backgrounds and abilities locally, nationally and internationally to help improve their practices by creating operational efficiencies and manage change processes.

Karima is a recipient of the prestigious 2014 University of Alberta Alumni Honor Award and the 2013 Gibb Clinical Teaching Award at the School of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at University of Alberta.

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