Karen Zapora

Team Details

Karen Zapora

Financial Manager

Karen’s ability to recognize other’s unique strengths allows her to connect people and ideas when managing projects.

As a Financial Manager, she is excellent at coming up with unique strategies, prioritizing opportunities and dealing with the unknowns in complex problems. She is the go-to person when elaborate projects need help. She is precise in that she seeks details, correcting errors along the way to define the differences and frequently asking thorough questions to understand the situation fully. Karen is up for any challenge and can handle last-minute changes by seeking alternatives and using her imagination to cope with the unknowns. She doesn’t have to see it to believe it!

Karen has over a decade of growth with Transitions Group which enables her to be mindful of the specifics for expectations, time requirements and evaluation procedures to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Karen’s mission is to be open-minded to learning and appreciating the uniqueness in every person. She is excited to explore life as an “empty-nester” as her two children grow in their own lives. She loves comedies, is content being a lifelong “beginner’ in the game of tennis and can always find the humour in most situations.

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