Bronko Kornhauzer

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Bronko Kornhauzer

LPB Dental Services Ltd.

Bronko brings more than 25 years of experience working with dentists across Western Canada as an equipment specialist and a dental consultant. His experience covers being involved in building hundreds of clinics.

He has helped with finding great clinic locations, negotiating leases, clinic design, and securing financing. He also has consulted on growth plans for practices, practice analysis, and human resources (HR) issues.

Bronko has reviewed hundreds of practice evaluations, and he believes there is a better way to represent both the seller, and the buyer.

With his knowledge of the dental industry and with the many contacts he has made over the years, he knows what is important for the seller and the buyer. He believes that to provide the best possible evaluation, you must satisfy the seller, the buyer, the banking professionals, the lawyers, and the accountants.

His knowledge, experience, and integrity allow him to create a successful evaluation and sale, while minimizing stress, and reducing the time involved in processing the sale.

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