Statement on COVID-19

March 18, 2020by Lisa Philp

Hello colleague,

The decision to stay open or close down has or is being mulled around in the mind of every business owner and entrepreneur in Canada.

This has marked a historical event where the dental community is being asked to do their part in stopping spread of this virus by being told to cease all non-essential dental care.

We feel strongly that this is not the time for us to close down when our partner dentists and teams are fearful, worried and in isolation when they are accustomed to being in a group.

Transitions will be doing our part to honor the safety of our people and the health of our team. Our home office and those who attended PDC have voluntarily self-isolated and are working virtually in great health.

Our Transitions University Training center will be cancelling upcoming workshops until April 30th 2020.

All on site coaching and travel will cease for a minimum of 3 weeks.

However, we do not intend to slow down our team. We are here for any questions, human resource needs, team member support, owner coaching, virtual training modules, coach team meeting conferences, monitor interpretation.

There is now a unique opportunity with forced downtime and no patients to focus on your practice goal review, system mastering, patient communication, stats review, dashboard interpretations and marketing tasks etc.

Now is the time to utilize our services. Instead of being bored at home, do something valuable with your time. This is the time to hunker down; however, it’s also the period time to level up, and ready to emerge from this current crisis ready to face the challenges and opportunities that will arise as we move forward.

While this shift will inevitably bring some rough days, stay tuned for – our daily blog called-“Covid – 19 Maximize the Dental Isolation Opportunity”.

At the end of all this, it is impossible to predict or know whether we overreacted or did too much, however we would rather be known as reacting to much then not responding or supporting and our most precious resource.


Lisa Philp
President & Owner
Transitions Group

Lisa Philp