So You Think You’re An Office Manager

August 18, 2021by Lisa Philp

According to DentistryiQ “the purpose of a dental office manager is to assist all staff in any way possible to become more efficient, productive, and competent, thus helping to create a profitable practice that delivers excellent service to patients.” Our team at Transitions Group wants to help your office manager excel in all their daily duties. We put together some tips that you may want to consider implementing into your practice, to increase the effectiveness of your office manager.


Host Daily Morning Meetings With The Team

            To make sure everyone is on the same page for the day, your office manager should conduct daily morning meetings. This will give the office manager the opportunity to outline the team’s appointments for the day, touch base on any changes within the office and make any important announcements.


Make Time For Each Employee                                                     

            In addition to daily morning meetings, your office manager should make time to have 1:1 chats with each employee at least once every two weeks. This will give your office manager the chance to see if each employee feels comfortable with operations, inquire about further training to advance their skill sets and make sure they feel overall happy in the workplace. If the employee asks for anything during these 1:1 chats, it’s the office manager’s job to follow up and meet the employee’s needs.


Have An “Open Door” Policy 

Employees should feel comfortable to approach your office manager anytime they have a shift. Your office manager should be accessible, as your employees will feel like they are more empathetic to their needs, and will be more likely to go to them when they have opinions, concerns, or need help.


We Can Help Your Office Manager! 

Our amazing team at Transitions Group is made up of experienced dental professionals. We offer dental practice management solutions, as well as e-courses through Transitions University. To learn more on overcoming COVID-19 related obstacles, check our proven strategies in The New Normal: Practice Playbook. Give us a call at 905-681-1011 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our offerings. We can’t wait to hear from you, and to help make your whole team the best they can be!

Lisa Philp