Showing you care: The After Appointment Touch Point

November 4, 2019by Lisa Philip

With most dental practices, the client experience ends at the reception area once they have paid for their service. They don’t hear from anyone again until it is time to confirm their next pre booked visit. Patient loyalty is solidified by going above and beyond their expectations in order to show you care.

One way to do this is to connect with the patient ‘after’ their appointment; to touch base with them 1-2 days after their visit and payment with a thank you call, email or text message (depending on their preferred communication method). The after appointment touch point goal is to remind them that you value them and to show that you listened during their visit and care about them and their oral health.

It is often impressive to the patient if the clinical provider personally sends them a message which can include the following:

  • Simple thank you for them attending their appointment.
  • Appreciation for their loyalty, a reward for something they showed progress in.
  • Let them know you are available to answer any future questions they have, assess how they are feeling after their procedure and/or follow up with a request they had while in the practice
  • Follow up on recommended home care aids and stress the importance of compliance
  • You are concerned about their home care or a certain area in their mouth. Encourage them to keep in touch with you or take a photo and send to you.

Many patients are wowed knowing their dental office touched based on how they are doing and it goes a long way in standing out above all other choices of providers. It only takes little time to make a huge difference.


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Lisa Philip