Many dental practices have been isolated for two weeks under quarantine, social distancing and the experience of full households (who have rarely spent two weeks together at this magnitude).

It is crucial to focus on staying connected with your dental team and bringing them together to overcome boredom, the worry of their finances and loneliness. Supporting them during this time and finding creative ways to come together is critical to their health, practice retention and overcoming the fear of what the ‘new normal’ will be when the practice returns to full operations.

Research shows that the long-term isolation of humans has an impact on mortality comparable to that of smoking and loneliness is just as dangerous as obesity. Furthermore, social isolation impairs immune function and can boost inflammation, which can lead to arthritis, type II diabetes, and heart disease. Loneliness can also break our hearts, but as a culture, we rarely talk about it.

So, take action NOW! Commit to Virtual Team Meetings OR request assistance from your coach, who has been diligently working around the clock in this crisis. At a time like this, a coach is an ESSENTIAL SERVICE that can help lead and guide you through the process.

We all must band together, leaders, coaches, marketers in dentistry to stay the course and rise above the worry and the fear, as a role model. Take the time to show your dental practice staff that they are all part of your team when dentistry is back in action. Job security can go along way to show appreciation. Connecting your team with their peers is a healthy strategy and will have returns in the long run, when everyone is back together with their colleagues. Remember, they are used to spending 70% of waking hours with them!

The process or “HOW” of a virtual meeting involves three parts.

  1. The technology and invitation – with conference bridges or video programs.
  2. The agenda and what to discuss or lean on your coach to facilitate.
  3. Preparation for re-opening for the ‘new normal’ of Dentistry.


At Transitions Group, we are having DAILY MORNING virtual meetings using a platform of Conference Bridge or Zoom to connect with each other. We meet by voice or video to discuss the daily activity of our role and the actions of our clients and network advisors to coordinate all over North America.

As a service to you, if your team would like a voice-only conference call, we are offering our platform for our active clients to help them communicate with their teams in this time of uncertainty. For video, you can use a program called Zoom, which can easily be accessed online.  If you need any support, please reach out to our team, as we are available to share, guide or facilitate using our platforms. We will make sure you get set up! Please call 1-800-345-5157 or e-mail [email protected] for the access and set-up steps.

The Agenda

The agenda provides a guideline for what to discuss, as a leader or manager. Our leadership and team coach Lori Irvine has created an agenda based on working with dentists in isolation. Click here for a sample agenda.

Preparation for the re-opening/team plan

The team can prepare and plan for changes in the following areas of the practice:

  • Checklist for the FIRST DAY BACK
  • Facility hours and team coverage
  • Facility checklist for operations
  • Infection control
  • Strategy for patient education
  • Social distancing
  • Production goals for monitor and tracking review of goals and how they will be adjusted or made up

Time to GET CREATIVE and Connect, Communicate and Utilize your coaches as the ESSENTIAL SERVICE we are and keep finding ways to connect remotely.

Until next time, please stay safe, stay home and stay healthy – TOUGH TIMES DON’T LAST…TOUGH PEOPLE DO!

– Lisa Philp and your Essential Transitions Group Team