Scheduling for Success with a Dental Practice

October 11, 2018by Lisa Philip

Scheduling is considered to be the heartbeat of your dental practice. It involves all of your dental personnel and management to help achieve a balanced day with minimal stress and higher profitability. Here at TGNA Dental Practice Management Solutions, we provide training modules for every operational engine of a dental practice (Capacity, Revenue, Expenses, Patients and Team). Today, we will be touching on productivity through the mastering of scheduling.

Through scheduling strategies, you can increase your daily production and have a stress-free practice. Creating a balanced schedule allows you to prevent the ups and downs of dental productivity. You must learn how to mix the right amount of procedures in your dental practice. Learn to categorize important procedures that yield higher revenues as well as necessary procedures that you can incorporate within the day to achieve your production goal. If you know how to reserve time slots each day for new patients and longer dental appointment, then pre-blocking your schedule would be very helpful.

Learn to engineer your schedule from us and you can get a 20 percent higher production while living a more stress-free and balanced day. If you’re interested in our training module, contact us today and start building a successful dental practice!

-The TGNA Team

Lisa Philip