Role of a Treatment Coordinator

September 16, 2019by Lisa Philip

Choosing the right person to be your Treatment Coordinator role is the key to your success. The core characteristics of a successful Treatment Coordinator are confidence in themselves, strong relationship and communication skills, optimistic attitude and a genuine curiosity for people. They have high level of emotional intelligence and empathy, and are motivated by a challenge to solve problems and discuss money along with creative ways to help patients fit dentistry into their lives.

Sample Role

New Patient Experience

They are the first point of contact for the new patient experience and often the initial telephone contact with a new patient. The call can take anywhere from 12-15 minutes. The Treatment Coordinator, from the very beginning connects with the new patient through the new patient welcome package, making sure that the person will show up and arrive to their first visit, is ready for the patient upon their arrival, possibly giving them a tour of the practice, sitting down and getting in touch with what the patient’s dental needs are, discovering what are their goals for their teeth, mouth and their smiles and then they transfer those patients to the clinical assessment. 

Financial Arrangements on the Fly—Emergency and Hygiene Patients

They are an alternate exit choice for patients of record coming from their hygiene visit who have outstanding dentistry previously diagnosed or new diagnosed dentistry over $1000 that requires a more in depth look at affordability.

Pre-Determination Management

Although pre-determinations are NOT a form of acceptance, they are something that may have to be sent when the patient is serious about the dental plan and must know what benefits will contribute.

Outstanding dentistry follow up

Follow through calls, emails etc. to patients once pre-determination is returned or who had to check other sources before acceptance

Consult preparation

When a patient is invited back for a separate consultation, the Treatment Coordinator prepares the plan, letters, documents, visuals and room set up for patients and their family members who may attend.

Tracking Case acceptance success

They track diagnosed and planned treatment on new patients and patients of record that they were part of presenting and track the acceptance percentage of each case with a monthly report summary for the team meeting.


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