Rethinking Dental Appointment Confirmations

August 26, 2019by Lisa Philip

If you haven’t revisited your practice’s approach to confirming appointments in a few years, now may be the time! Last-minute cancellations and no-shows can leave un-fillable gaps in your schedule. With the right approach and systems in place, we can help minimize this!

Phone Calls to Smart Phones: calls to mobile phones are more likely to be answered. Voicemail systems of smartphones tend to be more reliable and user-friendly too.

Emails: many late adopters have accepted and learned to use emails for timely communication. This is considered to be the ‘modern-day post card reminder’.

Text Messages: this is the most up to date method to reach busy people. There are automated systems you can use to contact patients via text message too.

At TGNA Practice Management, we can help your dental practice redesign your confirmation methodology to minimize your no show rate. Let’s help your team strategize before the busy fall season begins. Contact us for more information!

-The TGNA Team

Lisa Philip