Periodontal Case Typing

Description: A dental hygiene diagnosis applies the ADPIE process of care and clarifies the actual or potential conditions: health or disease of a client, that can be treated within the dental hygiene scope of practice. These conditions or concerns are identified through an interpretation of all assessment data, and should take the client's needs, values, and beliefs into consideration.
Upon completion of this course the learner will:
  • Implement the ADPIE process of care within the new Periodontal classification to formulate a Hygiene Diagnosis .
  • Learn the significance of Staging, Grading, Key factor templates, and decision tree algorithm in the formulation of a diagnosis.
  • Understand and apply the recommended treatment protocols based on the new periodontal Health, Disease, and Conditions Classifications.
  • Learn to identify and write the dental hygiene status for: health, disease, or maintenance.