Leadership Blocks

Description: The dentist leader has many demands and must wear many different “hats”: Dentist, Owner, the Team Leader, Operational Director, Technical Service Provider and the main Revenue Generator. Assessing your leadership style and how it sets the stage for the culture and climate gives you freedom from having to do it all. Creating and building a synergistic team with a common set of values, purpose and vision is significantly and directly related to the overall health of the practice culture, progress and prosperity. Learn the common characteristics, traits and skills to how to have it all – influential leadership presence, a high performing team, solid patient relationships, financial growth, reduced stress, balanced time and happiness.
Upon completion of this course the learner will:
  • Identify how your practice manages Leadership currently.
  • Define your own leadership style by applying the common characteristics, traits, and skills that successful leaders possess .
  • Learn the 8 Characteristic Traits or Building Blocks of leadership, consider how to utilize unique leadership styles of your team, and implement measures to create a successful practice .
  • Build awareness about implementing SMART goals to create your own leadership presence and monitor/measure success .