ADPIE: Process of Care

Description: The Dental Hygiene Process of Care is a methodical and systematic approach to treatment which provides predictable, consistent, aligned patient care. It is a calibrated technique for problem solving and decision making. ADPIE provides a process for continuity of care following the steps: Assess, Diagnose, Plan, Implement, and Evaluate. The framework provided permits caregivers to determine a patients status of health, disease, or maintenance. The ADPIE process of care is not a static one time procedure. It is a dynamic process of flow over years of patient visits, continually evolving.
Upon completion of this course the learner will: Learn the Hygiene Process of Care using ADPIE implementation
  • Be aware of the Canadian National Standards for dental hygiene process.
Identify each component of ADPIE and how it fits into the dental practice and hygiene process of care, in addition to the importance and process for:
  • Documentation
  • Assessment
  • Diagnosis and Periodontal disease case typing
  • Periodontal Treatment planning for disease
  • Implementation of treatment modalities and repetitive therapy
  • Value the importance of evaluation, ongoing re-evaluation of healing, and treatment requirement implications.