Covid-19 Cycle of Care: Contactless Patient Experience




Practicing Dentistry will never look the same as it was pre-Covid, and our tried and true patient flow and experience has dramatically changed, to adapt to Public Health requirements. The Covid-19 Cycle of Care: Contactless Patient Experience, contains protocol adaptations that follow a step by step process, allowing Dentistry to do our part as health care providers, and to contain and stop the spread of Covid-19.

Upon completing this course the learner will:

  • Be prepared for the Covid-19 era Return to Dentistry, with the new normal Cycle of Care Contactless Patient Experience.
  • Understand the scheduling of patients and how to prioritize patient candidates for “in-person care”.
  • With all of their Team members, understand each step in the Covid-19 Cycle of Care.
  • Implement all Covid -19 Cycle of Care steps in an efficient, concise and systematic process, while honoring the mandates of Public Health.