Patient Confidence: Vaccinating Your Dental Clinic (COVID-19)

March 16, 2021by Lisa Philp

Addressing and adapting to new regulations has been challenging for businesses across the country. Not to mention working from home, raising capital, and creating a pandemic-proof business environment. Like many other industries, dentistry was significantly impacted by the pandemic.

It’s been a year since the pandemic threw a curveball to the business community. Luckily, vaccines are already here in Canada. Why should your clinic get vaccinated? Vaccinating your team is a way of building patient confidence and trust in your practice.

Why Vaccinate Your Dental Clinic?

The Canadian Dental Association recognizes that vaccines help in accelerating the recovery of dental practices. The organization attests that dental clinics across the country are struggling to adapt to remote work, implement COVID-19 protective measures, and grow sustainable businesses in the post-pandemic era.

As you seek government wage subsidiesCEBA loans, or rent subsidies for your dental practice, our team at Transitions Group is assisting dentists and orthodontists rebuild and get on their feet. With years of experience, our coaches are helping businesses adapt and grow during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Countering Anti-Vaccine Messages

Some people are hesitant about getting COVID-19 vaccine and this poses a major threat to business’ recovery from the pandemic. As a dentist, vaccinating your practice will help counter confusing messages about vaccinations. Educate your employees on the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. This will allow your staff to confidently educate your patients with any questions they might have.

Whether you run a small or a large clinic with various branches across Canadian cities, you need to have a vaccine plan. Build a consensus with your team and agree on a plan to get everyone vaccinated. Apprise your employees of vaccine eligibility and where they can register.

Patient Confidence 

Leading by example and vaccinating yourself and your team will ensure patient confidence. Patient trust and confidence are the core of successful business recovery. Let your patients know you are vaccinated by posting on social media and your website.

In your weekly or monthly newsletter, attach photos showing members of your team being vaccinated. When prospects know that your dental practice is safe, you are likely to register a surge in demand for your services.

Consider A Dental Practice Management Coach 

Whether you’re in Ontario, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, or anywhere in Canada, our dental coaching team can help you navigate through compliance issues and regulatory challenges to ensure that your business continues uninterrupted.

We can help your dental clinic continue to grow through the pandemic with our results-guaranteed Pandemic Proof ProgramContact us today for dental coaching and other dental consultancy services to accelerate your business.

Lisa Philp