Part 3: Interview with John Moakler

October 28, 2021by Lisa Philp

We’re back with the final part in our series with John Moakler of Moakler Wealth Management!

🌟 In the first video he talked about the structure of your dental practice.

🌟 In the second video, he talked about putting the bumper guards in place to protect yourself personally.

🌟 In this third video, John discusses developing and taking advantage of your corporation to create a tax-free retirement paycheque, and why you should have a second corporation! Watch the full video here:

Here’s John’s strategy, using an Insured Retirement Program (IRP) 🤔

Most IRP’s are designed so that you don’t have access to the cash inside the plan for at least 10,14, or 20 years. This has been designed for death, and not while you are alive! The advisors usually make the most commissions this way. However, in John’s opinion it hasn’t been designed with YOUR BEST INTEREST in mind! 🤯

With John’s approach you can have immediate access to the cash value sitting inside your plan. Full disclosure, John makes less commission this way, but believes it’s in your best interest! 🤗

What does it mean to you? 4 Key Reasons! 🗝

In Your Best Interest To Have Immediate Access To Cash
Cash Crunch, like COVID-19. You Can Have The Option for Premium Holiday (Preserving Cash-Flow Strategy)
Within 4-5 Years, Gain Access to 100% of Your Money
At Retirement, Take Your Life Plan to a Lending Institution and Create a 100% Tax-Free Retirement Paycheque For The Rest of Your Life!

With access to your cash inside your plan, you can further invest! For example, rental real estate! 🏠

John wants you to have your cake and eat it too! 🍰 Interested in developing your own financial and retirement plan? Apply to become a client:

At Transitions Group, we are proud to partner with Moakler Wealth Management, and we will continue to serve as a resilient resource to our dental community! Contact us for support at 📞 1-844-332-4956 or 📧
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Lisa Philp