We have all found ourselves in the position where our team members are in isolation in their homes. At a time when the media is full of disturbing news, maintaining energy and connection is more important then ever.

We want to share ideas and actions of how to stay connected to the team to maintain connection, planning and positivity.

Don’t be be fooled by the simplicity of these tips as it doesn’t take much to stay connected and positive while employees are isolated from their work.

Each day at the same time gather the team for a daily team connection video conference via Zoom on mobile or desktop. Email is impersonal, phone calls are a little better, but video conferencing means you get to see each member of the team and create a personal connection.

Here are some thought-provoking questions that you can ask your team to unlock ideas, insight and value, and stay connected.

  1. What is it like be home in isolation and what are they doing to pass the time?
  2. What projects can be worked on with time to focus with no patients?
  3. What changes will be needed when they return to work?
  4. During the isolation, how can we help you feel really connected to the business? For example, a daily e-mail update.
  5. What are ways to maintain fun and energy while in isolation?

“We can’t always choose our circumstances, but we can always choose our actions.” Take actions to help your business and your team!
– Transitions Group