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Health and safety measures for COVID-19 have required you and the dental profession to close your physical doors. Your first impulse is to pull back your online marketing. Thinking about it, you realize… as more offices retreat offline… and more patients surf online, there is a real opportunity to stand out and hold attention. As time goes by in isolation, that opportunity becomes your only sanctuary. Patients are accustomed to their regular visits. That is when your brand comes to mind and is shared among referrals. With the next time visit unknown, your resources have to pivot, innovate and grow online. In marketing, the last ones standing are the first ones soaring when the economy returns. You are deciding now, how far ahead or how far behind you will be when dentistry is back! Our marketing partner, Ripe Resolution, is here to help our clients stay ahead and keep their business striving online:

The reports are in!

In the last month,

– Bell reports home internet usage is up 60% during the day and up 20% at night.

– Facebook reports more than a 50% rise in daily overall usage

– Facebook, Netflix and Youtube report a 21% average increase in its website use but 2% decrease in its mobile app use. Users prefer to consume on larger screens when given the time and choice. This means your marketing content is being consumed in more detail and quality will rise to the top.

As trends are now confirmed, what changes can you make to help your brand capitalize online?

 (Search Engine Optimization)

  • With the amount of Google searches on the rise, use the free business tools, Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to identify popular searches in your area, taking place right now.
  • Create original content on your website in the form of homepage announcements and blog post articles that address the trending topics that you found in your research above
  • Share your new content across all your social media platforms including LinkedIn, to gain added backlink recognition by Google
  • In addition to your website and social media, don’t forget to update your Google results website title and meta description, as well as your Google Posts and Google My Business profile… which are the first things people see when they Google the name of your practice or name of the dentist.

(Pay-Per-Click Ads)  

  • Amongst our active campaigns, we are seeing an 8% decrease in cost-per-clicks / cost-per-leads across the country since the outbreak. With competitors pulling their budgets off of Google Ads, our ad impressions and clicks have increased; all with the same or lower ad spend as usual.
  • As “emergency dentist” and “virtual dentist” are trending Google searches, adjust your target keywords and ad headlines accordingly.
  • Link your Google Maps listing to your Google Ads account, which will show users (right in the ad display) how far they are from your office.
  • Ensure you enable the “click-to-call ad extension” feature. This places your phone number link directly in your Google Ad for users who choose to call you, without even going to your website. This is the quickest route for patients in an emergency situation and the quickest route for new leads in general.

Social Media

  • Research and engage. In the Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn search fields, directly search the names of dental offices, dental suppliers and organizations that you know by name. Acclimate to the current online conversation and start to chime in with your support or feedback.
  • Patients look to experts and professionals in times of uncertainty. Share your knowledge in the profession as well as your thoughts on current events. It calms patients down, knowing you are facing the same times with them.
  • Give back. Think of creative ways you can help your community, first responders, or your patients directly. Your act of charity helps others feel hopeful. The by-product of your efforts will be standing out, and being remembered for your thoughtful gift during the hardest times.
  • On your social profiles, spotlight and give praise to other professionals doing amazing things. They will return the support and share your name to their followers. You can also live stream with a colleague on social media, while followers from both accounts watch live and cross-follow the two speakers.

Website Live Chat  & Live Video Consults

  • Live chat support on your website is becoming the preferred standard. Patients don’t want to be put on hold or leave a voicemail to the unknown black hole. Install live chat and share admin status with your team. This ensures someone is available to answer incoming chats. Set the live chat feature to only be enabled during the time of day your team is available.
  • Live chat rep services are available to answer incoming chats 24/7, follow your Q&A scripts, in-take patient info and instantly send leads to your inbox for you to follow up. Most chat applications now offer Artificial Intelligence to automate the live chat experience, without needing to outsourcing to a live human rep service company.
  • Live video appointments and consults are the closest thing to seeing your patients in-person. Set up your own account in a live video application and practice getting familiar with the controls. Allow your patients to submit questions ahead of time, record the experience and provide feedback in a survey after the video call. This is a good up-to-date measure on your personal communications skills.
  • Gavin Mohan and Ripe Resolution offer PHIPA-Compliant Live Web Chat and Video Consult Software Applications that can be branded to your office and configured for you and your patients.

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