Office Holiday Parties – Don’t let the planning stress you out!

December 16, 2019by Lisa Philip
Happy business group people in santa hat having fun for celebrity christmas party.

Tis the season for holiday events and year end celebrations. For team members these can be a great way to close of the year and unwind. However, when you’re the manager in charge of planning and executing the celebration the extra work required can make it seem more like the most “stressful” time of the year. Organizing and hosting an office party with some simply steps will keep your party a fun, enjoyable event for all.

Honour Diversity

Today’s diverse workforce can bring with it many different ideas, beliefs and preferences. These differences should be considered, welcomed and respected at any event, just as they are in your practice.

Make it clear that this celebration is for everyone. Decorations and music are best when they remain neutral. Aim to keep your decorations and music free of specific religious references and free of offensive lyrics.

Dietary needs are another diverse component of today’s world. With dietary preferences such as veganism, gluten free and keto on the rise offering a variety of food options is something to consider.

Clear Expectations:  

Before the party begin, it is important to set clear expectations for all guests. Part of the expectations could include alcohol or cannabis consumption. Whether you plan to have an open bar, drink tickets or no alcohol at all this is important information to share when setting up your invitations of the event. With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis, you may want to also remind team members of any new company policy regarding cannabis consulting. Along with that information, another important piece to include is that certain behaviours, such as driving while intoxicated will have a strict zero-tolerance at the party.

Manage Poor Behaviour

No matter how many precautions you put in place some team members may still behave poorly.

Even if it’s the holiday season and you don’t want to be a scrooge, you can’t let misconduct go unaddressed. The party itself may not be the best place to address the consequences of poor behaviours; however it is important to ensure that poor behaviours are stopped in real time. At an appropriately scheduled time follow through on your disciplinary process with this team member.

Don’t shy away from the office holiday party. It is an important event where your presence and actions can affect your workplace. Do not let the added responsibilities turn into stress; the end of the year is a great time to celebrate all the hard work completed by you and your team.


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