September 18, 2017by Lisa Philip

Power is the ability to make change and exists for one reason only – transformation. Power is from the Latin word podere, meaning to be able. When the old has outgrown its purpose, it is time to transform into something new.

Power is not a thing, but a way. It is a process of becoming real. We have power when we dare to live authentically, when we reach inside ourselves and tell the naked truth.

The more we dare to take risks, to question, the easier it becomes. Power comes when we are willing to make mistakes and to be responsible for them, to learn from them, and to correct them. The challenge of every leader is the right use of power. If we fully express who we are, we are said to be “full of power” or “powerful”. Power is a human resource that is often equated with the use of energy or the empowerment of self and others.

When we demonstrate our power, no one can tell us what can’t be done. We are freed from patterns of self-diminishment and are less likely to accept other people’s perceptions of what we can and cannot do. We all possess our own personal power, duplicated nowhere else on the planet.

No two individuals carry the same combination of talents or challenges; therefore, when we compare ourselves to others, this is a sign that we do not believe in our own internal power. This affects not only ourselves, but extends into all those we come into contact with.

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