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March 25, 2019by Lisa Philip

One of your patients has just said great things about you, your office and your team. This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of one of the most successful dental marketing strategies; asking for a referral.

Your patient won’t think to give you a referral unless you ask them. When you receive a referral, it means that a trust has been developed and the patient is more likely to accept your treatment recommendations.

Many dentists and their team members feel awkward asking for a referral and don’t know what to say. Luckily, the best advice is to make your request simple; “We are glad you like our office, if you have friends or family who need our services, we would love to help them.

The more you ask, the more you will get. Develop a regular habit of requesting referrals from both your long-time loyal patients as well as your happy new patients.

The same is true for online reviews which reach a broader group of potential patients. Research from the American Medical Association reports that consumers will use the internet for their health care decisions and 51% said that other people’s ratings and comments on websites were important to them when making the decision.

An online review holds the same trust level as a personal one. Make it easy for your patient to give an online review by offering a tablet or a place in your office to do complete a review before they have left your practice. It is fresh in their mind and they will gladly accept the opportunity.

For more information about Patient Referrals and Online reviews, click here for a free Whitepaper from Patient News. 

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