Newsletter | Empowering Your Team

November 5, 2018by Lisa Philp

Empowerment is a multi-dimensional process that involves every member’s unique talents and gifts.

Dental practices are aware of the importance of developing team members who have a healthy self-esteem so they will speak and act with personal and professional confidence.

Self -confidence comes from an internal healthy view of how we see ourselves, and determines how we project ourselves and interact with others. If our self-esteem matches our values and beliefs and is reflected in our behavior then we can be open to defining our own strengths and weaknesses.

We can then honestly and accurately articulate to others our unique ability and are able to discover ways to access the necessary resources to be our best. Knowing how to give help and who and why to ask for support and are signposts of an empowered person.

To determine if a collective group, committee or team is empowered, ask the following questions:

  • Is each member accurately aware of what they’re best at and their own unique abilities?
  • Are the team members fulfilled in their defined role and aware of how they contribute?
  • Does the team know all available resources they need to do their jobs better and to develop professionally? **Knowing what resources are available will enhance learning, retention and inevitably improved performance.
  • Do the members give positive feedback to support to each other frequently?

The quest to stay empowered never ends and is critical for a team to consistently strive to stay empowered to achieve goals, provide excellent care and service. The demands to keep up with or stay ahead of the market changes and satisfy patient’s needs and expectations grows with every new year and need the efforts of all members who make up the team to maximize the resources leverage the collective talents and results.

Lisa Philp