Newsletter | Employee Engagement – The Search for Meaning

April 9, 2018by Lisa Philip

Research shows that 10-15% of employees report they are NOT deeply involved or engaged in their job, work and career. This is very alarming considering we spend the majority of our waking hours at our jobs.

When asked about their workplace and key reasons for not being engaged the common answer that comes up is “Lack of Meaning”.

Lack of meaning is often expressed by statements or questions such as:

“Why are we doing all this?” “What’s the use of meeting as nothing improves”, “We don’t plan for tomorrow let alone next year”, “I don’t’ know why I work here?  Nothing I do matters”, “Dentistry is expensive, I am here for the paycheque.”

Lack of meaning is usually due to employees not knowing how their daily responsibilities and role contribute to anything other than getting through the day. They are missing the connection between WHAT they and others do and WHY IS IT IMPORTANT and just focus on putting in time.

Dentistry is a human capital healthcare business and extremely dependant on the team attitude, beliefs, and emotional relationship skills. The engaged team is what attracts new patients, satisfies the active ones and drives retention and acceptance of optimal treatment.

Steps to develop team engagement and meaning in the dental practice

  1. Gather the team and create a vision of where the Dental Practice is going in the next 3-5 years, creating forward momentum with the team, patient experience and simple production goals.
  2. Define the diagnosis of dentistry as it relates to hygiene; and how the actual teeth condition connects to the quality of a person’s life.
  3. Review dentistry in regard to the oral health professional and how all this fits into the systemic link of “oral health is the gateway to overall health and wellness”. Now Dentistry becomes vital. You are now saving lives!
  4. Focus on the Patient – Confirm the steps of the patient service cycle and how each team member contributes to patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Having a true “Meaning” at work comes when an employee is “Engaged” in the future, and understands that what they do, feel and believe impacts something larger than just themselves.

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