Newsletter | All I want for Christmas is GROWTH!

December 17, 2018by Lisa Philip

Lori Irvine

Team and Leadership Coach

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  Where does YOUR name fall on your list? The top? The bottom? Did it make the list at all? Put your name at the top of the list. You work hard to please others; your family, friends, clients, colleagues …what about you?

The best way to serve others is to serve yourself. Personal fulfilment allows you ample stores so you can give back to others. If you depend on others to do this, you risk disappointment. The only person guaranteed to fill your bucket is YOU, so set yourself up for success.

There’s no better gift than the abundance of self-esteem; it initiates self-growth. Kicking your feet up and basking in the comforts of what you know is nice, but it gets old. Human beings are designed to grow and develop. Focus your future on setting goals for self-development. Yes, it takes work and COURAGE to do something that you have never done before, but consider the rewards and let them be your key motivators. All your best accomplishments came from a push beyond the barriers of your comfort zone. Remember the rewards that resulted from your investment!

This Christmas ask for the courage it takes for self-improvement. The gift you’ll get back is confidence earned from discovering a new capability. The positive energy that comes from this confidence will fuel your drive toward future successes…a great investment for this year’s resolutions!

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Lisa Philip