Newsletter | 14 Characteristics of Dental Patient Value; How do you Rank?

January 2, 2018by Lisa Philp

After decades of coaching thousands of dental practices in North America to be their best, via patient retention, new patient growth and case acceptance, I have created the following list of characteristics that patients value most, in order of importance, about their dental experience.

These characteristics are essential for patient loyalty, attracting new patients and influence the patient’s decision to say “yes” to dentistry.

Use the following list as a self-assessment of your unique practice and have the team rate each statement from 1-5. (1 meaning NEVER and 5 meaning ALWAYS) The results are a way to goal set with what needs to be developed to better serve your patients.

  1. Patients are treated with dignity and respect
  2. Listens carefully to their healthcare concerns and questions
  3. Dentist & Team are open and easy to talk to
  4. Patient’s concerns are taken seriously
  5. Willing to spend enough time with patient (doesn’t seem rushed)
  6. Truly cares about patient and their family situation
  7. Has good medical/dental judgment
  8. Up-to-date with the latest research and treatment techniques
  9. Can see you at short notice if necessary
  10. Responds promptly when patient calls or e-mails with questions or concerns
  11. Has lots of experience treating patient’s specific condition
  12. Has been trained in the best schools
  13. Is of your own sex or gender
  14. Of your own race or ethnic background


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Lisa Philp