New Patient Experience: What they feel

September 9, 2019by Lisa Philip

Your practice has worked hard to have a cutting-edge image. You have the most up-to-date equipment, a highly skilled dentist. Your office is beautiful, with modern décor and patient conveniences. The business team is professionally dressed with style.

Every little detail has been considered to ensure that your practice attracts new patients and builds their confidence that they will receive the very best dental treatment here.

Your efforts have paid off; you get a current stream of new patients coming through your door. You are excited about this but you wonder why your numbers do not reflect any significant growth. Once you review your stats you realize these new patients are often not returning.

What a frustration! You have put such an effort into creating the ideal practice. Perhaps it is one small, but essential, factor that you have not considered; one that the patient themselves will not verbalize. How the patient FEELS when they are at your office.

Are they acknowledged when they walk in the door welcomed warmly? Are their concerns and questions addressed thoroughly and with the utmost respect by the dentist, hygienist, assistant and business team?

When they are in treatment, is the patient asked if they are comfortably numb? Do they understand what will happen that day and how the procedure should feel, both during treatment and afterwards?

We all know people who are afraid of going to the dentist. Are assistants trained to sooth fearful patients in a compassionate, gentle manner? A few kind, understanding words can make a world of difference to a person and change their entire experience.

Make it your goal that every patient leaves your practice not only receiving the best dental treatment, but feeling that they were well taken care of, valued and heard.


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Lisa Philip