Learning from Successful People

November 11, 2019by Lisa Philp

I recently attended the Power of Success in Toronto, a great day of hearing from many successful people; Dr. John Grey, Rachel Hollis, Molly Bloom and the giant transformational leader in unleashing power and maximizing energy, Tony Robbins

My greatest learnings from their presentations:

  1. Stay away from negative people – they have a problem for every solution.
  2. If we are not satisfied with our life – change the blueprint.
  3. The energy we put out is sent back to us by the people we attract.
  4. All humans are born the same. Those who act with intention and action become great.
  5. Don’t wait to start living when you find out you are dying, live each day now like it is your last.
  6. Focus on what we have not on what is missing.
  7. Focus on the present let go of the past.
  8. Focus on what we can control not what we can’t.
  9. Other people’s opinions about me come from their world and do not define my self-worth.
  10. Each time we blame and “point our fingers at another, there 3 more pointing right back at US.
  11. Enemies are usually someone you have helped in life.
  12. Everything wonderful is on the other side of hard.
  13. All humans have key needs of certainty in balance with varietysignificancelove, connection and growth.
  14. Disrupt the drifting through in life with a change in our energy.
  15. Be comfortable being uncomfortable for progress.
  16. To become confident – do the thing you are not confident about.
  17. When the world pushes you down – stand right back up and learn from it.
  18. Failure and how we handle and learn from it got us to where we are today!
  19. When stressed, breath 3 times and drink some water!
  20. There is no forward progress without dealing with movement of emotions. (Juice of Life)

Lisa Philp