Leadership requires Tolerance

August 26, 2019by Lisa Philip

Leadership requires Tolerance

Tolerance – ability to handle stress, disappointment and roadblocks and manage frustrations for the good of the goals.

One of the key skills of leading teams is our level of Tolerance.

“Team Members make mistakes”

Team Members sometimes make mistakes. Everyone does. Even you! Stay calm if Team Members mess up occasionally; ensure they learn from their mistakes. Acknowledge they are trying; keeping in mind initiative should always be applauded.

“I can do it better/faster myself”

You do many things well, but if you think you do everything better, you’re headed for trouble. Why bother with Team Members if they can never meet your standards? Trust your Team Members and their abilities, clarify your expectations, delegate work and then get out of the way.

“Team Members don’t take the initiative”

It’s unlikely that Team Members will take the initiative if you insist on total control and they will be hesitant to take charge if they don’t understand their roles.

“My staff doesn’t handle things the way I would”

Things can be done your way if there is a process for Team Members to follow. Be clear about what you want from your Team Members. Mind reading is not part of the job!

“I’d never know whether or not the work was actually done”

To stay in the loop, set up a system for Team Members to report on the progress of important delegated tasks hold people accountable, accountability is a measurement; review their performance in relation to your expectations.

“It takes too long to explain things”

When you communicate clearly, you cut down on repeated explanations and bottlenecks. Be thorough the first time. Take time now to save time later.


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Lisa Philip