With Public Health and OHS inspections increasing due to COVID-19 tracing requirements, our IPAC expert, Sonia Gracias, has identified 10 key questions dental offices should be focused on to ensure they are prepared in the event of an audit. They are:⁣

⁣1. Do you have an effective Failed Biological Indicator Policy and Patient Tracking Method?⁣

2. Does your reprocessing area meet all IPAC standards?⁣

3. Are you using the right protocols for AGP vs NGP?⁣

4. Are you wearing and using PPE properly?⁣

5. Are you labelling and logging your sterilized instruments properly?⁣

6. Do you have a Blood and Bodily Fluid Spill & Waste Management Policies?

7. Do you have an Environmental Cleaning Policy?

8. Do you have a Dental Unit Waterline maintenance and testing Protocol?

9. Do you have a Sharps Safety Policy with a Management of Injury Protocol?

10. Are all your Hazardous Materials labelled appropriately?

*If you aren’t satisfied with your answers to any of these questions, we can help! Contact us for a FREE “Ask the expert” call to review any of your IPAC questions or needs.