Keep a Happy Dental Patient!

October 23, 2017by Lisa Philp
Keeping your patients happy should be your number one priority as a dental practice. Spend your time giving your patients quality care will make their experience unforgettable! Here are a few helpful tips to keep them happy: 
  1. Remember your patients! This makes the experience personable when you remember their names and what is happening in their lives. Take a few moments to catch up with them, so they don’t feel like “just another patient”.
  2. Make payment easy! Patients like when you have taken the initiative to make things easier for them. Payments can be set up online or through their insurance companies. Take the extra time to make things easier for them.
  3. Hold a patient appreciation day. Make the time to appreciate your patients by holding an event. This can be a great time to interact with your community and enjoy a fun day with your staff.
  4. Be interactive on social media. Patients like to see that you are interactive with your community and keeping up to date with social media. It invites them to interact with you too! Post photos from the office and share events easily through this platform.
  5. Offer free WIFI! Keep your patients happy while they wait. Offering magazine and books, but also free WIFI! Time will pass by easily until they are next to be seen! 
Here’s to keeping your patients happy! For more dental management coaching tips, sign up for our workshops or contact us at TGNA! 

Lisa Philp