Is your Hygiene Department up to Current Standards?

May 21, 2019by Lisa Philip

Consider the following questions to determine if your hygiene department is meeting or exceeding the current standards of care:

  1. Do your patients value the hygiene visit or do they view it as “just a cleaning?
  2. Does the entire dental team understand how oral health fits into overall wellness?
  3. Is the practice performing documented comprehensive oral evaluations with measurements of the clinical attachment level?
  4. Do the adult patients of record have a documented annual periodontal exam every year?
  5. Does the hygiene department have clear diagnostic distinctions between health, disease and maintenance oral health status?
  6. If a patient has active disease, are we clear on their case type of Gingivitis, early, moderate and advanced periodontal disease?
  7. Is the hygiene team communicating with every patient the status of their supporting structures of bone and gums that hold their teeth in place?
  8. Does the practice perform root planning, scaling and home care guidelines for patients with active disease?
  9. What patient education tools, technology and visuals are being used to make sure the patient understands their status and frequency.
  10. Do patients understand they need the periodontal care and frequency regardless of how many units they have covered or what insurance pays?
  11. Are patients with disease returning for their revaluation to assess their healing and success of gum therapy?
  12. Does the practice offer home care aids such as power brushes, interproximal aids, toothpaste etc. in the practice for purchase at a lower professional cost than retail outlets?
  13. Does the hygienist use the intraoral camera on all patients prior to dentist examination?
  14. Does the practice have a standard for each patient to order radiographs
  15. Is the hygienist billing the accurate units of time the patient is in the chair?
  16. Does the hygienist pre schedule the patient clinically before they leave?
  17. Does the Dr. and RDH have a professional process of prompting the doctor in recall exams?
  18. Are hygiene exams generating restorative dentistry that contributes to 80% of the future dentist schedule?

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