Improve Your New Patient Experience With The Initial Phone Call

March 14, 2019by Lisa Philip

The patient experience is one of the most crucial aspects to maintain a successful dental practice. At TGNA, we will work with your team to attract new patients and ensure their experience is one they will not forget! In turn, this will help to develop new loyal patients to your practice. One of the most essential steps to develop is the first phone call

The first phone call to your practice gives potential new patients a direct first impression about what their experience will be like in just a few minutes. Work directly with your front desk coordinator to develop their phone call skills. They are the first point of contact for new patients and should be able to clearly and naturally communicate curated, yet genuine answers to standard questions.

Your front desk administrative team should maintain an energetic, yet amiable tone throughout the initial phone call. Overly enthusiastic greetings and responses can come off as fake or disingenuous. Whereas a bored or irritated response can put the potential patient off very quickly.

Encourage the front desk team to try to gather interesting or personal facts about the patient in addition to the necessary information during the call. The information gathered can later be used to build the patient relationship and ensure the patient enters your clinic with a positive first impression.

These tips will help you start off on the right track with your potential new patients. To learn more about training your team for new patient interactions, contact us at TGNA!

-The TGNA Team

Lisa Philip