How to reach your monthly Case Acceptance Goal

August 12, 2019by Lisa Philip

Guest Column
Lori Vogel
Business Systems Coach

How to reach your monthly Case Acceptance Goal

I was recently in an office and had the dentist ask me why they weren’t reaching their monthly Case Acceptance GOAL?

“Lori, I have a Treatment Coordinator and a separate consult room which is absolutely beautiful, so why is my Case Acceptance so low every month? “

To understand why you’re not reaching Case Acceptance GOALS, you must first understand what your Case Presentation monthly GOAL is, and then look deeply at your Monthly Monitor. If you’re not currently monitoring your practice this is one of the many reasons why it’s important that you do.

To begin our review we went through the Monitor in detail at a Team Meeting with focus on:

  1. How many new patients did we see?
  2. How many diagnostic exams were done in the month?
  3. How many Cases were presented?

After going through the above it was discovered that there were 12 New patients seen in the month and a total of 364 diagnostic exams, (meaning there were 364 opportunities to look in the Oral Health and diagnose conditions), and there just were 13 cases presented with 4 Cases Accepted.

When you’re able to pull apart the month and take a deeper look with the correct data it’s easier to diagnose the problem.

We started at the end and worked backward to discover some key issues that were happening in the practice that the Doctor wasn’t aware of.  We know that when you’re working in the practice sometimes it is difficult to come up above and take a closer look.

What we found is that it went deeper than not meeting the Case Acceptance GOAL.

In a TEAM Meeting we went through how the whole TEAM impacts Case Acceptance and came up with a clear strategy for moving forward with Actionable Steps for each department to follow in order to consistently reach the Case Acceptance GOAL.

As a result the needle began to move after the first month.

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