How to Find Dental Talent in 2020

March 16, 2020by Lisa Philp

Finding quality dental talent in 2020 isn’t easy. 83% of HR professionals admit that they’re struggling to fill positions due to a lack of talent, and 60% of businesses have unfilled positions that have been open for months. By 2024, there will be 58,000 dental assistant job openings, but there aren’t enough skilled people to fill those positions.

Here are some tips to help you find dental talent in the midst of the global skills gap.

Nail the Job Post

From LinkedIn to Indeed, there are a plethora of places to place job adverts. But if you want to attract top dental talent, you have to nail the job post. 60% of people look for jobs on online job boards. Unfortunately, you’ll be competing with hundreds of other dental practices that are going to be chasing the same talent. Here are some tips for nailing those job posts.

  1. Keep it short: 50% of people view job posts on their mobile devices. You don’t want a lengthy description. According to LinkedIn, short job posts perform 8.4% better than long ones.
  2. Talk about your values94% of executives believe that workplace culture is important to business success. Try to find employees with great soft skills AND technical skills. You definitely want friendly dental assistants. 96% of people say that customer service is a key component of their loyalty towards a brand.
  3. Leverage your strong points: If you have amazing benefits, spell them out!

Emphasize Continued Education

Do you think you can win over dental candidates by stuffing their wallets? Think again. Only 12% of employees cite pay as their primary reason for quitting a job in exit interviews. So, why are 3.5 million people voluntarily leaving the workforce each year? According to The Work Institute’s study on exit interviews — career development.

Dental continuing education is the key to winning over new applicants. Sure! It all starts with training. But you should give options for continued dental education.

Create an Amazing Workplace Culture

Before you onboard new talent, you want to make sure that your existing culture is capable of supporting them. 82% of employees believe that a positive workplace culture gives you a competitive advantage. Simply making your employees happy is a great start (it makes them 12% more productive).

Do You Need Help Bridging the Dental Skills Gap?

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Lisa Philp