How to Avoid Communication Breakdowns in Your Dental Practice

February 14, 2019by Lisa Philp
We all know the common saying that, “communication is key”. The popular saying applies to almost every industry, and at TGNA, when it comes to dentistry – we agree! Although it can be easier said than done, let’s discuss how to avoid communication breakdowns in your dental practice. Here are three ways you can implement strong team communication
1) Daily Strategy Meetings – a ten minute meeting can make a big difference in productivity, focus and meeting goals. Be sure to touch on a few topics  yesterday’s goal, today’s goal, new patients, emergencies and case presentations for the day. This way your team is focused and can be fully prepared to take on the day! 
2) Short and Effective Communication – touch base with your team throughout the day. 
Make sure questions are answered, and any changes to the daily schedule are updated quickly and efficiently. This will help the team to continue to achieve their goal and stay on track. 
3) Monthly Business Reviews – this will help to review all key metrics and if these metrics were made. A vision statement is also a critical piece of information that the team can rely on during this conversation. Use the vision statement to revise metrics that weren’t met and set new goals to work on together. 
Most dental offices do not discuss their means of communication, which can often lead to stress and inefficiencies. Setting these communication goals and holding your team accountable for them can make all the difference! Review our CE Workshops for the latest TGNA communication strategies to help your team!
-The TGNA Team

Lisa Philp