Elite Performers Are Made, Not Born. We Can Help Your Practice Level Up!

June 4, 2021by Lisa Philip

All great things take time and energy, and this is no exception for the dental community! At Transitions Group, we know our expert leaders can be the difference between your practice just getting by, to soaring to new levels of success!  Our Transition coaches have decades worth of tangible, and valuable insight that can help transform your business into an allstar through investing in key members of your team. Let’s take a look at the main focus of our coaches, and how to get to most of them for your practice!


What Are The Benefits? 

When you sign up for our practice management coaching, you’re doing your practice a huge favour. With a range of knowledge in many facets of the dental community, our Strategic Plus Coaching Plan offers great insight that can only be gained through lived experience! We don’t follow some cookie cutter approach, and one of the best features in this program include our customized coaching solutions. We focus on established and proven methods of success to grow your business, and offer a feasible monthly payment plan to make it as easy as possible to enroll!


What Else Do We Offer?

We know we can increase your practice’s productivity. When you open your business to a team of experts, you are creating more possibilities to take it to the next level! We offer PACE approved CE credits for team members in the program, and promise you’ll see the return in your business. For those that don’t see an ROI, or have not benefited from our coaches, we guarantee your money back because we are that confident in this service!


Call Us Today!

With the ongoing changes of COVID-19, we know your business has had an unusual year. Get back on track, and invest in your future by hiring one of our coaches. We offer a variety of services like our pandemic proof guide, and Transitions University courses. Give us a call at 905-681-1011 to start the conversation on how your office can benefit from our services. We look forward to meeting you, and your team, and to help your practice reach new heights in 2021!

Lisa Philip