Don’t Let ADPIE Get Away From You

October 11, 2019by Lisa Philip

Guest Column
Tracy Poirier, Trainer/Master Coach
Winterra Global Technologies

The Dental Hygiene Process of Care

Most of us have heard the letters before—if you haven’t, you know what they’re communicating. I’m talking about ADPIE—Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation.

“Best practice indicates that The Dental Hygiene Process of Care (ADPIE) is the framework within which all dental hygiene therapy should be conducted.” ~ CDHO

If you search the dozens of governing bodies and associations across Canada—and I certainly have—you won’t find any incongruity between them. The standard of care and responsibilities for dental professionals is the same across the country. No matter what province you practice in, Dental Hygienists have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that ADPIE is the key to Standard of Care for each client.

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A dental hygienist for 30 years, Tracy Poirier is a trainer and Master Coach with WinTerra Global Technologies. She loves how SmartChart™ partners with Dental Hygienists to support efficient and independent record keeping while contributing to better energy management in everyday practice. On a personal note, her writing has featured in numerous publications and she is passionate about inspiring dental professionals to become their best selves. She is currently working on a book titled ‘The Indispensable Hygienist: Where the Good become Better and the Better become EXCELLENT!’

Lisa Philip