Do More Of The Dentistry You Love With Paul Homoly And Transitions Group!

July 13, 2021by Lisa Philip
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At Transitions Group, we surround ourselves with experts in the field of dentistry and Dr. Paul Homoly is no exception. President of Paul Homoly Communications, Dr. Homoly focuses his leadership on engaging with health care professionals about what they love in their field. Let’s take a look at Dr. Homoly’s core values, and how his partnership with Transitions Group will help your practice soar!


Doing More Of What You Love

Dr. Homoly believes when professionals and clinic owners thrive, not only are clients being best served, but team members are more engaged in their work. Although his passion is to help coach high professional dental teams, Dr. Homoly’s teachings can be applied to any business model!

Just one of the five books Dr. Homoly has written “Making it Easy for Patients to Say Yes” is a fantastic read that reveals how to make case acceptance of complex care dentistry more predictably successful. It’s easy-to-read style focuses on doing more of the dentistry you love, and how to better apply your clinical skills after the patient says “yes!”. With the right attitude, and subtle changes to how we speak to the client, you would be amazed at how your case acceptances will rise bringing more profit to your business!


Partnership with Transitions Group

Dr. Homoly is a great example of the industry leaders Transitions Group offers its clients. With over 20 years of restorative dentistry, and 23 years of continued education, Dr. Homoly has incredible insight that can take your practice to the next level. When your case acceptance increases, so does your business. By doing more of what you love and engaging your team in a way that inspires, you will surely see the return of Dr. Homoly’s teachings.


Call Us Today!

Enroll now to Dr. Homoly’s in-office online program “Making It Easy For Patients To Say Yes” and learn about building case acceptances. For any questions regarding how to become a member at Transitions Group, call us at 1-844-332-4956. We offer many tools to help your practice grow like e-courses through Transitions University, Dental Practice Coaching and CE Training Models. We look forward to meeting you, and helping your practice grow to new heights!

Lisa Philip