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Dental Coaching Testimonials - Signature Program

Dental Coaching Testimonials - Signature Program

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    Noah Belman

  • Jeremy Barr, Office Manager, Longworth Dental

    Bowmanville, ON, CANADA

    I was nervous and excited going into the team-building/change-management workshop.

    Lori was professional, warm and charming and she made people feel at home. She built rapport and trust with the team.

    Over the course of the day-and-a-half, she ran through a number of metaphors and activities that allowed the team to understand their role in the practice, and she gave them tools to help manage change. At the same time, she reassured them that change is manageable, and that we just need to take off bite-sized chunks, to ensure that we are able to make it through together.

    As far as the workshop went, she exceeded my highest expectations. Going in, I thought it would go well. Looking back, I don’t think it could have gone any better than it did.

  • Gil Morlock, Practice Administrator | Fields Family Dentistry

    Mechanicsburg, PA, USA

    Lisa, I want to thank you very much for coming to our practice. In the last 40 years I have come across many dental practice consultants. You are very gifted and speak from great experience. The energy was wonderful and the ideas were solid. You are one of the best and I’m very happy that you are a big part of our team.


    Middletown, NY, USA

    This is exactly what our office has been looking for.

    We knew we needed help, but didn’t quite know where. Your Transitions Group has analyzed and disserted our office from operational as well as personnel aspects. In addition, you guided us to help the solutions to our problem on our own.

    TGNA’s energy was like a shot in an arm. An insightful look into our price identified strengths and awareness. It even guided certain people to certain tasks.

    I know we have a long way to go, but I know we have a perfect partner. I would recommend your company to anyone without hesitation.

  • Dr. Michel Comeau | Southwest Dental Surgeons Ltd.

    Yarmouth, NS, Canada

    Hi TGNA Team,

    Just a quick note to thank you for our team synergy meeting. I can already feel that the load is getting lighter! I really do believe that our philosophies will mesh. Beth has already finished reading Fish AND she is taking notes! I can’t wait to see what the next level will look like. Job well done by the team. Thanks again and take care!

  • Jill Nicolini | Connor Dental Center

    St. Thomas, VA, USA

    Hello there,

    I wanted to email you both and tell you how beneficial and great Transitions Consulting has been for us at Connor Dental Center in St. Thomas. We have worked with TGNA several times. Our office is in desperate need of help and TGNA has been a lifesaver to us. I know that it has been a big challenge because our staff does not follow through with their transitions tasks, i.e. monthly monitors. TGNA was just with us last week and we are hopefully on the right track this time and will stick with our monthly monitors and daily goals that TGNA has worked with us to set.

    Once again I just wanted to let you know how beneficial Transitions has been and how great your team is. We have been very lucky to work with them.

  • Dr. Trevor Connor, DDS | Connor Dental Center

    St. Thomas, VA, USA

    Mr. Cohen and Ms. Philp,

    Connor Dental Center just completed one of our best sessions with one of Transitions’ coaches. We began this relationship with Transitions about a year ago and got off to a good start but the process stalled a bit since we were moving our office and experienced some new constructions challenges and resultant delays.

    The team was very pleased with this last session. They felt challenged, but at the same time excited as they began to appreciate how a well-organized a dental office should run. The team became even more enthused as we discussed our Break-Even Point (BEP) and began to set production goals for the office.

    We are all looking forward to our next session with Kay Huff as we continue to address our shortcomings of the past and take this practice to new, exciting and rewarding heights.

  • Office Manager | Dr. Maurice J. Convey’s Office

    Norway, ME, USA

    Transitions Group North America made us more aware of our goals and united us as a team.

    In the beginning, we were all functioning separately. Now, we have pride in our job and everybody is collectively taking pride in attaining our team goals.

    The Transitions Group of North America coaches brought awareness to, uncovered and opened our eyes to our potential. I’m excited to be part of it.


  • Dr. Frank M. Dankanich | Bellefonte Family Dentistry

    Bellefonte, PA, USA

    I was asked by my Transition’s coach and friend, to inform you of my experience using various techniques that she has taught me and my team.

    May I first say that very little of what was presented so far is brand new to me. I have read leadership books, “how to deal with difficult people” books, books on coping skills, etc. I have previously taken personality profile tests and hired a practice consultant. What I have not previously experienced is *****!

    ***** has a way of asking the tough questions that force you to really think about the answer. She is tenacious and kind, strong and gentle. She is always willing to give the benefit of the doubt and she has a conscience. But enough sucking up.

    My staff and I have been shown the merits of true communication and problem solving techniques. With her help, I personally have become a better boss when I saw how my “intent” created an “impact” and what that meant. My former leadership style was not getting me the results I said that I wanted. ***** has been instrumental in coaching me to use a better, more productive style in both my professional and personal life. I know that my staff have used “active listening” and “I” statements with their families and our patients to reduce stress and potential conflict. The problem-solving techniques and the win-win questions that we just learned have proven to be very valuable.

    So, thank you Transitions for *****. And thank you, *****.

  • Sabrina Edwards, R.D.H. | Dental Arts of Frisco

    Frisco, TX, USA

    Dear TGNA Team:


    What a great experience our signature day was, I must admit we (our staff) were somewhat leery of the whole consulting experience. Except for myself; no one had ever worked with a Team coach prior to this.

    Our day started off with a bang and we hit the ground running. You were so great at giving everyone here a sense of peace about the new direction we are headed in. We were all so excited to have a common goal and to be part of developing a plan to support our doctor. It was a wonderful day.

    During the day, we could meld as one staff instead of three departments. The TGNA team helped us brainstorm as a group to come up with our core values. It was a neat experience to watch our mousy team members come out of their shells and in turn to witness our strong team members make way for others to develop a place on our team. We know it will be a rough transition at times, but so far everyone is on the bus and thrilled to be taking the trip.

    Thanks for a great day.


    Sabrina Edwards, R.D.H.

  • Dr. Ghanem Ghannam

    Detroit, MI, USA

    After 23 years in what I thought was a successful practice, I felt I didn’t need anyone to help me figure out the problems. I am so glad I asked for your help.

    • We have 9 rooms and the hygiene patients were all over the place… now we have 3 hygiene rooms and know always where the patients are
    • Have been able to increase patient appointments in a subtle way because now hygiene has their own schedule and we have ours… they used to all lumped together before
    • The routing slip with the patient’s other family members due for recall
    • The routing slip as a double check of procedures done
    • Saved about 4 hours/week in paperwork for me the doc (about 25days a year)
    • DISC helped personally and professionally realize that personality types factor in co-worker behavior, and thus get along better
    • Helped set up a system of checks and balances in the typing and entering
    • I love the COE exam and the fact that the hygienists do it, patients get an exam like they have never had, and it doesn’t take a lot of Dr. time
    • The idea that the hygienist does the presenting, and the doc becomes a second OPML
    • TGNA was great… love the charting and COE
    • All the docs and hygienists used to work out of all the rooms… Jane gave us each our own rooms and gave us our own assistants. This reduced stress big time, and helped us focus just on the rooms assigned to us, instead of looking at all 9 rooms to see what was being done where …also, the associates used to patient hunt, looking for lucrative procedures, while leaving some patients unattended… now everyone has their assigned rooms, and no more patients being left behind
    • Stress way down
    • Made staff get rid of the cell phones… a big nuisance, but it didn’t come from me… I’m not the bad guy. (Now just trying to get the associates do the same)
    • The people from transitions are great, every one of them…they care about the offices they go to and want to see us succeed with all their heart… TGNA does not have one tool she uses for all her practices… they see our situation, and figures out solutions in a way that fits our practice
    • We have a lot of walk-ins that bothered the staff… TGNA figured out a way to fit them in the schedule so the staff doesn’t have to complain
    • Hygiene production way up
    • Your team loves you, which we like to hear
  • Dr. John Massey | Augusta SmileCare

    Martinez, GA USA

    Dear Transitions:

    Thank you so much for thinking of me during this special time in my life. My son’s name is Luke Benjamin and he’s doing great. Still working on the whole “sleep” thing, but he’s getting better. God blessed me so much to bring a new child into my life and to bring people like you into my world as well. I can’t tell you enough how we appreciate you. Thank you for the festive cookies and the baby scrubs (they are hilarious!) we look forward to seeing you guys soon.

    God bless, John

  • Dr. John Mayes office, General Practice

    Hershey, PA, USA

    Thanks, for helping us talk and listen better to each other. I will try to implement the things you suggested with my friends at work, my patients, and my family.

    Communication is very important in all aspects of our lives. Thanks for making some things visible that I didn’t see until now. Not only did you make me listen, you made me think too.

    *** with ***** awareness, I handled some internal issues that were weighing heavy on the team, doctor & morale.

    With appreciation,


  • Laura, R.D.H. | Dr. John Mayes

    Hershey, PA, USA

    I really appreciate your guidance with creating a non-surgical periodontal program in our office. Thanks for teaching and building our team in so many ways. We are now giving it a team effort every day.

  • Dr. Goska Nowak | The Calgary Centre for Advanced Dentistry

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Thank you for all your support and coaching during the last year. It has been a positive experience for our entire office. I am sure that some of the ideas and or new systems employed at our practice by your recommendation will benefit us for years to come. Wish you fulfillment in your individual coaching career as well as many successes for your team!


    Michael Nowak
    Dr. Gordon Nowak
    And our team

  • Tammy Perison, DDS

    West Seneca, NY, USA

    Emailed to Lisa by Tom McQuillen

    Re: Dr. Tammy Pierson

    Hi Tom!

    I’m doing Great! Transitions has been very enlightening, and the girls, Kev, and I have learned a lot. TGNA is coming on Monday the 9th for a review of systems. I know this will be the beginning of a lot of changes, but we all are excited and notice improvements already. Both team members are great, and have tons of good advice. I look forward to seeing you. Talk to you soon. Tammy.

  • Tammy Perison, DDS

    West Seneca, NY, USA

    Dear Lisa,

    When I first was thinking of buying my practice early in 2006, Jerry Fuller, my Benco rep, had put me in touch with Tom McQuillen, his regional manager. He immediately recommended calling “Lisa Philp, at Transitions Consulting Group” to do a comprehensive practice assessment, which he explained was like a practice “check up”. Being strapped for cash at the time, I delayed calling, fearing it would cost too much. However, after 7 months of dealing with high staff and patient turnover, as well as running ragged every day and going home exhausted and unfulfilled, it was not what I had dreamed of owning my own practice would be. Having been an associate in drastically different practices for 10 years, I had experienced many different management styles, but had no actual management experience myself. I wished I had an MBA! I was very frustrated, and knew I needed to do something different, but didn’t know exactly how or what to do to build my “Dream Team” and practice.

    After Tom’s highest recommendations, I finally heard you speak at a local seminar last January. I was inspired! Your energy and enthusiasm filled the room, and made me think about how much I loved dentistry, but how much I still needed to learn about running a business. After listening to you talk about the 21 different drivers of a dental practice, and your Comprehensive Practice Assessment (CPA), it seemed like a good idea to at least see what the evaluation would tell me.

    Transitions came out in February to review with my husband Kevin and I, the results of the CPA. I was extremely impressed with how professionally she could interview my employees, and extract the needed information from the existing records. She could evaluate where my practice stood in comparison to others like mine, and where there were areas of potential. She explained the Transitions philosophy, how they could help us improve our systems, and develop my dream team and practice. I expressed my concern with previous “consulting” experiences, wanting nothing to do with a cookie cutter approach. She assured me that Transitions is nothing like that, and is more of a coaching team that works with individual offices and people. There are systems that you recommend, but ultimately, it was up to us to decide how to best tweak the systems to fit our exact needs. She was very thorough, and we signed that night!

    Our Transitions Team comes to us, and works with our Team in our everyday surroundings. Unlike other consulting firms, that make you transport your entire team half way across the country to learn at seminars… not very helpful. I truly feel like Transitions is a very integral part of our Team. They are always very supportive and helpful because they know exactly where we’re coming from and can relate to our individual needs and concerns.

    Even though we still have much more to learn; through our training sessions learning about behavior styles, verbal techniques, and incorporating more efficient systems, have made our days run much more smoothly. We’ve learned to communicate with our patients more effectively, perform more comprehensive head and neck exams, improve our hygiene program, and schedule more efficiently. After participating with the program for just 6 months, the “staff” has transformed into a Team, and by working together, we’ve increased our production by almost 30%! We’re already at the third tier of estimated growth that TGNA had estimated. I never thought we’d accomplish this level of service and production after such a short period, and I know we would not have could accomplish this without your help. I’m sorry I wasted the first 7 months struggling on my own. I highly recommend your company to everyone I know, and have nothing but positive things to say. I sincerely appreciate everything you have all done for me and my Team. I look forward to a long relationship with Transitions and Benco and a much more rewarding and enjoyable career.


  • Tasha | Dr. Gordon Reid’s office

    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Just wanted to say thank you for what was an inspiring couple of days for me. It’s great to get that little push and to see things in a different way. It helped tie a lot of things together for me; hopefully we’ll be working together even better as a supportive team; and hopefully the training will help keep boredom and bay. Thanks again! See you the next time.

  • Slave Lake Dental Clinic

    Slave Lake, AB Canada

    When we began our journey with Transitions in June of 2005 we were all a little unsure as to what was going to happen and what exactly they were going to do for us. It didn’t take long to realize that our journey with them was going to be the best thing that has ever happened in our practice. They have motivated us to be the best and now that is what we strive for every day.

    Our leadership coach has helped everyone on the team tremendously both professionally and personally and has allowed me, as a leader, to realize when, as the coaches say “I have everyone on the right seat on the right bus!” After meeting with the leadership coach the first time my associate said that he felt he was starting a new career he was so excited. Our business coach has been instrumental in implementing all the systems we are currently using so that production is up, A/R is down, scheduling is on point, and downtime is minimized. We went from an average of 26% downtime to less than 5%!! We were all amazed at how the simple act of implementing and following systems has such an amazing impact on our bottom line. Finally, our clinical coach, had her work cut out for her. We went from absolutely no perio program in place to one that we all feel very proud to offer our patients. Before beginning with Transitions, we did not even employ a hygienist. Now we have three who are fully booked and our pre-booking ratio is over 90%!!! Amazing!!!

    I can honestly say that having the Transitions team behind me has been the single best business decision I have ever made. I am happier, my team is happier and overall we are providing much better service and dentistry to our patients. It is an amazing feeling to come to work and know your team is behind you, your patients support you, and you can simply focus on the dentistry. Thank you Transitions!!

  • Becky Halstead RDH | Drs. Smith and Manus

    Waycross, GA, USA

    I would just like to share with you how much we enjoyed TGNA coming into our office. It is always a little scary when you think about a “consultant” coming into your office. There are horror stories floating around. I tell everyone, not all “consultants” are that way. TGNA puts us all at ease after they evaluated us the first day. When we went into the meeting room after a half day of work, TGNA had on the board “You are doing everything just perfect!” We all breathed a little easier. TGNA brings a lot of excitement with her which helps us to be excited over new experiences we will be facing. TGNA is there for us, not just for the doctors.

    We are currently working on our new systems for our perio department. When we get stuck on something, I know TGNA is a phone call or email away.

  • Dr. Smith, Dr. Manus & Staff | Drs Smith & Manus

    Waycross, GA, USA

    Hi *****!

    We are so excited to say that we made our very 1st MILLION $ this year!!!

    Thank you for all the coaching and support that you have given to us over this past year! We appreciate you!!

  • Elizabeth Toler, Practice Manager | Dr. William Toler

    Warner Robins, GA, USA

    WE DID IT! Everybody’s hard work paid off. Today we hit the $1,000,000.00. Our team was so excited when we shared the news with them at our team meeting today. We couldn’t have done it without all the hard work and encouragement from all our coaches. CHEERS TO YOU!!! We look forward to seeing everyone in the future. Thanks, a Million!

  • Dr. Terrence Miskulin, DDS | Oakwood Hills Family Dental

    Eau Claire, WI, USA


    TGNA has improved our practice by helping us with communication. We have quite a few people on our team and not everyone works the same days. It was nice to get back on the same page with using different communication tools that TGNA talked about. I still reference the DISC surveys and think about our Kolbe scores when communicating day to day.

    TGNA gave us the tools to give our patients “five star” service! We worked with Jodie, our hygiene coach, on the patient handoff. Now we verbalize to patients what we did that day, and create more value to the hygiene visit. TGNA also encouraged us to use the intraoral camera to communicate to our patients as well. This is such a valuable tool and a picture is really “worth a thousand words.”

    I like all the experience that TGNA brings to the table. The coaches have been doing their jobs for many years and have worked with many different offices. They know what works in certain situations and can back it up! All the coaches also make themselves easily accessible by phone if I have any questions.

  • Dr. Don Ducasse, D.D.S.

    I had gone through a horrible break up with my dental practice partner of 17 years where he had put us into receivership. TGNA – Transitions Group North America came in to help me sort out the mess and like a phoenix rising, they helped my team and I not only put the pieces back in order but within three years they had us tripling our gross revenue and it has been over 10 years of smooth sailing in the practice of my dreams.

  • Marilyn Marcucci, Marcucci Dental Office

    Vineland, NJ, USA

    Every one of our team came to both days – WOW!! We thoroughly enjoyed Lori, who really motivated us during (and after) the seminar. We are getting together the communication board and trying to work huddles into the schedule.

    Everyone is still really excited about it and also the fact that it continues for the next year. John and I are too. Very happy we are involved in this. Thanks.

  • Paresh Shah, DMD

    Winnipeg, MB, Canada

    We recently had Transitions come to our office for a comprehensive practice assessment. I have resisted bringing in consultants for many years, thinking that each and every one will simply bring a “canned” approach that should be copied from practice to practice. After having heard Lisa Philp speak and speaking with our coach prior to engaging their help, I knew this group would be different. Our coach was extremely thorough and methodical. She came in and met everyone and reviewed all aspects of our practice from business to clinical systems. She analyzed and interpreted all data gathered with confidence and respect. Furthermore, she was amazingly intuitive as she picked up on many subtle challenges we have been facing for a while before we even had time to mention them to her. Our coach was respectful and very engaging with our entire team. The greatest immediate impact of her assessment and personal interaction with my team was the resurgence of confidence and excitement. My team has already become optimists and are energized and excited about working with the entire coaching group to make our workplace more productive and less stressful. That is all I can ask for now.

  • The Smile Centre

    Mississauga, ON, Canada

    WE ARE GOING ON A CRUISE BECAUSE OF YOU! We have been enjoying your Tuesdays with Transitions emails and we have applied a lot of your suggestions to our practice and they do work. We attended your treatment coordinator workshop in 2014 and have incorporated those into our practice as well . Because of all that, we achieved our goal for 2015 after being stagnant for 3 years!!

    So this year since the whole team worked so hard to achieve the goal for 2015, we will be taking them on two trips. One is coming up- The Chicago Midwinter Clinic – that was the added bonus award for achieving the 2nd goal on top of our main goal. Our main goal was achieved in 8 months and the prize is a Mediterranean cruise on the Harmony of The Seas this September 11,2016. So all of us will be sailing thanks to your tips and course.

  • Dr. Kendra Zappia

    Albany, NY, USA

    We spend all this money on current technology and new operatories and products, but if I don’t have the basic system foundations then I guess the rest of it doesn’t mean much. This has been and will be the check-up on the health of my practice and keeping it in great shape.

    I am so sad to see you leave… you have such a great way of explaining things. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone.

  • Deanne Recktenwald, RDH,Practice Administrator | IQ Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

    Rochester, NY, USA

    It has been a great week since Lori was here to begin the coaching. Lori was a ball of energy for us and it was a great start to my journey here with IQ. I will speak for our team and say it was eye opening, uncomfortable at times, and insightful. It pushed most out of their comfort zones and revealed some personality traits we may not have understood as early on as this allowed. We have had some quiet “storming” but am so proud to say I saw some of your techniques used to resolve the issue. We are excited about the future for IQ!

  • Dr. Mark Olivito & Dr. Jillian Faraci

    Kingsville, ON, Canada

    Olivito Dentistry Professional Corporation has over 3400 active patients, and strives to treat those patients with the utmost respect and provide the highest quality of clinical care.

    TGNA coaches started working closely with Olivito Dentistry in order to shift their team momentum into high gear. Since then, the air in the office has changed tremendously, and is now the “best it has ever been”. One of our most popular programs; “The Communication Toolbelt” has brought their team to new heights.

    Their hygiene department has been a focus, resulting in a 32% increase in hygiene production per hour.

  • Dr. Stuart Wieder

    Glen Falls, NY, USA

    After 30 years of dentistry and having had some bad consulting experiences that left a bad taste in my mouth, I decided to have an assessment and allow Transitions Group to look at my practice.

    The decision that I made to have Transitions work with my practice actually put a smile on my face. The coaching team created a strategic plan to support myself and the team with our goals. After some incredible coaching sessions, there was a very different “air” in the office. There was no longer a “Sword of Damocles” hanging over the team’s head.

    There was a great sense of freedom that I hadn’t had for a long time and I wished that I had done this years ago. The practice had an overall increase of 48% from where we started. It was well worth my investment.

    My team now has the leader that they need and the practice provides consistent patient care.

  • Dr. Anil Patel, owner of North Care Dental Clinic

    North Bay, ON, Canada

    Dr. Anil Patel wanted to transform his dental practice from good to great! Dr. Patel’s goals for his practice were to have:

    • A well-organized office with adequate systems
    • A highly focused team that provides quality work
    • A clear understanding of the requirements for industry standards

    Working alongside the Transitions Group coaches, concentrated effort went into providing Dr. Patel’s team with both a productive and enjoyable work environment. They have now become a united front sharing common goals which they continue to meet or surpass.

    After experiencing both our Synergistic Team Coaching and Signature Program, North Care Dental Clinic has achieved both their short and long term goals.

    Dr. Patel received a sizable return on investment of a 10% increase every 18 months, as well as a 30% increase in case acceptance.

  • Dr. William Lessne

    Arlington, VA, USA

    After being unfocused and disinterested in my practice, I decided to move ahead with a coaching program with Transitions at the recommendation of my Benco TR.

    As a result of Transition’s program, I am happy to report that the practice is really blossoming!

    We’ve made some personnel changes that improved the hygiene department and the practice as a whole has dramatically improved. We have had some of our best “financial months” in 3 years, which is a huge pressure reliever. Most importantly I am more engaged, involved and happy with the practice since I set up shop over 25 years ago!

    I am a tremendous fan of what you have done for us, and there is plenty more to do!

  • Dr. Brian Smith

    Peterborough, ON, Canada

    In 2006, Dr. Smith purchased Burnham Dental and wanted the practice to reach it’s full potential. Dr. Smith’s goals:

    • Assess the fair value of the practice
    • Identify the potential and future earnings of the practice
    • Organize the ownership transfer
    • Set up the proper systems for his team

    The Transitions coaches refined roles, implemented systems and expanded the hygiene program. In 2012, Transitions completed an updated practice assessment. Following that, his goals were to build a new office, find the ideal associate for the practice, work four days per week, consider expanding hours, and implement new private check-out stations.

    Transitions executed a plan to meet his goals, resulting in a beautiful new, modern office. They achieved a 13% increase in active patients. All of his short and long term goals were met.

    Dr. Smith has been a client for over 9 years and we look forward to being part of his continued success.

  • Michelle, Office Manager | Cedarwood Dental

    Keswick, ON, Canada

    Just wanted to say thank you Linda for arranging the Leadership Coaching. It was a great experience and I look forward to being able to spend some time with you in October. Thank you, Lori, as well. Your coaching style keeps us intrigued and motivated. Yesterday one of our assignments was to write our own vision for ourselves as the leaders. I look forward to working towards my own personal vision alongside the team vision. I’m very proud of my vision and writing it down on paper gave me that ah-ha moment yesterday. It’s amazing how 3 lines can change your outlook.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Neal

    Richmond, VA, USA

    My journey with Transitions Group started in October 2011, as I ventured on the path of opening a new practice. My local Benco representative recommended that I meet with someone from Transitions as I knew the daily runnings of a practice but had never been “the boss”.

    The team of coaches at Transitions formulated a brand new coaching module for my “not so traditional” startup practice. I learned to create a cohesive team that I can properly lead. It was nice having a coach with me almost 24/7 as I ventured through this unchartered personal territory.

    During my first three months of being open I obtained 396 active patients who are continually referring friends and colleagues. As each day passes and I continue to smile on my way to work, I must thank Transitions for setting up my team to succeed and my office to flourish.

  • Dr. Timothy Gilchrist

    We thoroughly enjoyed having our TGNA Coach help us with our accounts department within our dental office. She was extremely helpful and very supportive. New protocols for our office were established, and have been very beneficial. We’ve seen tremendous results since having her!

  • Amanda, Office Coordinator | Dr. Mark Olivito & Dr. Jillian Faraci

    The past few weeks in our office have been GREAT! The momentum our team has right now is very exciting. It seems as if everyone has made the “shift” (some more than others but it is definitely contagious!!)

    Team members are high fiving each other at huddles and setting each other up for success…. everyone seems to be using more tools from the “communication toolbox” and team members are working through minor problems together. I have had several team members comment to me as to how well things are going and how great it feels. Hygiene is coming together as a team.

  • Dr. Sylvie Renoir

    We love, love, love these coaches! Never pushy, never “cultish”, just brilliant, funny and thoughtful. Program is designed just for your office. Wish they came every week.

  • Dr. Richard Landriault

    Thanks Linda; I really enjoyed the Transitions program and I truly feel that you were instrumental in my achievements. I will never hesitate to recommend your program.

  • Dr. Mary Ann Panara | Fairport Family Dental

    Our team really pulled together for us and things at work have been running very smoothly. Without our Transition Systems in place it would not have run as smoothly.

    Our new patient count is at the highest in three years.

    We have a lovely new hygienist… thanks to protocols and defined job descriptions it has been a pretty smooth transition adding her to the practice.

    So all and all kudos to my Transition Team!

  • Elizabeth Mai

    Thank you! A huge thank you to our Team builder coach-Janet Shivas!

    Our teams at Vineland Family Dentistry and Family Dentistry of Ocean City, NJ, along with Dr. Robert Yaskin, really enjoyed our first meeting with Janet.

    She did an amazing job setting our teams up for success and we are all looking forward to working towards our new goals and systems! We also look forward to meeting our other coaches soon.

    Thank you Janet and Transitions Group!

  • Kim Arsenault, CDA Treatment Coordinator | Riverview Dental

    My journey with Transitions has been amazing and I tell my story to anyone who will listen. Transitions is an organization who takes teams to new levels both personally and professionally.

    I am honored to be a Transitions team!!

  • Dr. Todd C. Kandl

    I am a Transitions client and it is the best money I’ve spent in my practice. I always learn something new!

  • Dr. Doug Hanson

    Dear Lisa

    As you know my Kolbe experience began with skepticism and doubt as I did what you asked and myself and our team completed the index on line.

    As soon as we began the workshop with Lisa I quickly became interested and consumed with the potential benefits that this heightened understanding of not only ourselves but those that we interact with daily could bring.

    This eye opening tool of our greatest advantages and talents and each specific person and how they achieve soon answered many questions about why I seemingly hire those that bolster my weaknesses and also why our team usually works exceptionally well together in synergy.

    It is amazing to me that how productive and efficient it is when we focus on team member’s talents and certainly is a much more fulfilling way to lead when encouraging people to strive to be their best using their natural gifts and strengths and not focusing on their weaknesses. This tool takes getting the right people on the team and in the right seats to new heights. Thanks more than words can say for your time and energy. You are an inspiration!

  • Hasan R. Zaidi, DDS, MS | Shore Dental Arts

    New Jersey, USA

    You have assembled a wonderful team. Everyone I have come across from Nancy to Deb to Brenda and most recently Karen have been so knowledgable, kind, and inspiring it is no wonder that my practice has experienced the kind of growth it has over the past few months. For that, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. Take care!

  • Dr. Juno Park

    Deeply moving and profound. An intense experience that proves everyone is a great leader if one has the courage to uncover and embrace the authenticity of one’s true self. Lisa was amazing. Her approach was honest, heartfelt, and truly inspirational. This course is a must in your journey of discovering your greatness as person and a leader.

  • Michael Martinek

    I just wanted to send you a short email in regards to our Las Vegas workshop with Lisa Philp.

    Lisa does a very good job on presenting the material and keeping her audience’s attention. I think she does an even better job on putting the material into real life action. Lisa is excellent on presenting ideas to each person in the office (regardless if they are front office, back office or even the doctor) that will lead to an overall increased patient experience which in turn will lead to an increase case acceptance rate for the office.

    To summarize, having Lisa as a resource is priceless. She brings to us (the PDCs) knowledge and the experience that we need and that can only make us more proficient in the daily activities that we perform as consultants.

    I look forward to every opportunity to work side by side with Lisa.

  • Dr. James. A. Ruggiero, DMD

    Emerson, NJ, USA

    Your comprehensive practice assessment and enhancement strategies for all aspects of the office – Doctor’s, Staff, Patients and office systems have proven to be invaluable. With your presentation of the basics as well as all the refinements, the next twelve months should be phenomenal. Now I really know the office is state of the art.

  • Dr. John H. Pate

    Guelph, ON, Canada

    While it is commonplace for consulting firms to fall into the trap of forcing the client to fit the prescribed model; that was never the case with Transitions. From the beginning our consultant listened intently to us as we outlined our expectations and communicated our culture. Once she understood us well, she customized our program to reflect our needs and wants and introduced for our benefit, techniques, and procedures that would enhance our work. We’ve come a long way in 2 years – with still a way to go – but we couldn’t have done it without Transitions.

  • Dr. Walter Heidary

    Hamilton, ON, Canada

    Effective dental practices recognize a balance of leadership, mission, vision and a strong philosophical approach involving clinical excellence. The Transitions Group are specialists at helping practices become exceptional. Our partnership with Transitions shows positive tangible and non-tangible results. To advance the practice of outstanding dentistry within your practice I would definitely recommend The Transitions Group.

  • Dr. Jack DeGruchy

    Kelowna, BC, Canada

    It is my opinion that Transitions Consulting Group was instrumental in helping to develop the systems that we needed to become a world class organization. We appreciated their facilitation skills, and the ability to involve the group in developing goals and an action plan to meet those goals. Our consultant stayed in touch, came prepared and possessed the ability to observe and listen in order to adjust what was needed at each visit. She had a nice, unobtrusive way of working with the team, which encouraged them to participate and engage in what was needed to have our consulting process be a success.

  • Dr. Douglas T. Hanson

    Val Caron, ON, Canada

    Transitions Consulting Group has had a tremendous positive impact on the management of both my professional and personal life. They have provided my dental team with the backbone ingredients required to excel and helped us create a “raving fans” level of customer service. We have learned that consistency creates credibility and that this can only be accomplished with clear visionary leadership and structured logical systems. Life is short and dentistry can be stressful. I believe that we owe our patients, our families and our teams the very best. To accomplish this, in my experience, we need to embrace the opportunity to enhance our lives by having a mentor such as Transitions teach us how to achieve our dreams.

  • Dr. Rex Moore

    Edmonton, AB, Canada

    After a thorough evaluation of our practice, we met to discuss our business and our particular goals. Our consultant was interested in serving our particular needs, and not trying to fit us into someone else’s idea of an ideal practice. This flexibility and willingness to work towards our goals allowed her to gain the respect and friendship of everyone in our office. Once we established which direction to travel, Transitions hands-on work, through several in-office consultations helped us to achieve our goals. Their excellent communication skills, and gentle good humour allowed us to focus our efforts as necessary. Through monitoring, and return visits, they have helped us to keep that focus, allowing us to meet our production gals, and improve office morale. In fact, our production increases have made our relationship a very wise financial investment. I would encourage anyone considering enlisting the service of a consultant to contact Transitions and discuss their needs and wishes with them. They are most helpful, effective and a pleasure to deal with.

  • Dr. Cindy Neufeld

    Edmonton, AB, Canada

    The people at Transitions have helped me to focus. My business is streamlined and our systems are efficient. I have had 50% growth in my practice. This growth reflects increased new patient flow as well as conservation of existing patients to accept complete treatment plans. I am projecting another 30% growth this year. Thank you for helping me to achieve my goals and have the courage to set loftier ones.

  • Michelle Hill

    Lisa, First- I want to say how honoured I am to be able to get to know you and learn from such an amazing leader. Going into Sunday and Monday I did not know what to expect.

    I needed to let you know how excited and moved I am after working with you over those two days. For the first time everything seems so clear – this was a huge break through for me. Training/coaching is a passion of mine and to Learn from the best is something I never imagined being able to experience.

    Your talent over a two day course has moved me in the right direction knowing exactly what I want. I am so ready to learn and grow from you. You taught me so many things in a short amount of time that I never knew was possible. With a lot of growth and learning ahead of me I am confident that between yourself and Kim I will be the best possible me I could be. Thank you for challenging me in ways no one has before.

  • Darren MacDonald, Practice Manager | Rockingham Dental Halifax, NS, Canada

    Halifax, NS, Canada

    Darren MacDonald, Practice Manager | Rockingham Dental Halifax, NS, Canada

    I have had the privilege of working with Linda Anderson since 2008. Her expertise on the business side of the practice has proven to be very beneficial. The systems and effective coaching strategies she provides have greatly improved our bottom line. She is always just a phone call away when needing some helpful advice. Making the decision to utilize Linda’s services was one of the best business decisions our dental practice has made.