*Photos taken are not intended for a critique of protective wear and are out of operatory to protect patient privacy.

In my thirty 30 years of passion and commitment to the dental profession, I’ve NEVER been so proud and inspired by the heroic choices dental professionals are making to be an ESSENTIAL part of the overall health care team.

To me, a Hero is a person who is admired or idealized for their courage, overcomes all obstacles and forges toward helping others. Heroes take risks and create action to contribute to a bigger cause. They give generously of their time and resources toward being part of the solution.

The COVID-19 crisis pandemic caused the dental professionals licensing colleges and the public health to mandate a suspension on all non-emergency dental services. As a result, dental offices were forced to temporarily close their doors for the first time in history.

Once the SHOCK subsided and FEAR was overcome, these heroes adapted, researched and educated themselves to implement new screenings for their office and new ways to communicate to their patients. They went into action to keep their doors open. They learned how to handle COVID-19. They found and bought the protective wear. They made sure they are IPAC compliant and against contamination. They RISK their own lives to treat dental emergencies in the practice to prevent dental pain patients visiting the hospital emergency rooms and resources needed for COVID-19.

At Transitions Group, we have the privilege of being partners with many heroes. However, we know there are many more..

We want to hear from you and know who you are!!

We want to celebrate and recognize you and highlight you as dental heroes!!

We are asking you, if you match the above heroism please send us the following:

Practice name
A photo of the dental hero(s) – suited up, before gloving.
E-mail to: [email protected]

Your GIFT:
Anyone who sends in the above will be featured and provided spotlight piece for your own practice social media by our media company, Ripe Resolution for when you are back to dental operations.

**Pictured in the photo above, is an example we received from Dr. Robert Cappell and his assistant, from Dentistry in Motion – Lawrence Square Dental. “This is just before we gloved up and went to work for 3 hours on one screened healthy patient for a dental emergency.”

We look forward to receiving your photos!

Lisa Philp
Chief Visionary Officer
Transitions Group