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Digital Contactless Patient Experience

As dentistry reopens with a phased approach to expand beyond emergency care, it is critical to be aware of the changes and guidelines of the Contactless patient experience and incorporate COVID-19 screening process.

Previously we outlined the contactless patient experience. Below is a simplified cycle of care using a revolutionary practice app that will automate the patient experience to reduce paper and overcome manual inefficiency.

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Team Focused COVID-19 Tips: DISC Resource

As you carryout preparations for your return to dentistry, i.e. manage your checklist, order your PPE, master donning and doffing technique, etc., don’t lose sight of your team. Anticipating and addressing the needs of your team members and positively leading them through change will make for a smoother transition back to business.

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Reopening Video Edit

Welcome Back

We are getting really excited about welcoming you all back to our dental office! As we inch closer to a relaunch (while patiently waiting for the Alberta Dental Association and College to release guidelines on what exactly that will look like) know that we’ve been busy modifying our space to create the safest and most comfortable environment for you, using all of the most current research and recommendations from the Minister of Health and WHO. Hand sanitization stations are available at all entrances into our building and we encourage you to use these after entering into the facility. We also have hand cleaning stations in our reception area for your convenience. We’re installing new HEPA air filtration units into our treatment rooms and waiting area to enhance the effect of our already excellent high volume evacuation wands at removing aerosol particulate from our environment. The sterilization standards implemented into dental offices several years ago still lead the world in terms of their stringent guidelines and effectiveness at eliminating infection transmission. For now, we are absolutely open and able to treat all your emergency and urgent dental health care needs. Once protocols are in place for expanding our services we will immediately let you know. Know that your safety and health are our priority.Please enjoy our most recent video highlighting some of the changes we’ve put in place for your added comfort and safety.As always, stay safe, keep smiling and #flattenthecurve.Dr. Dave Cichon and the team at Southport Dental Care

Posted by Southport Dental Care on Friday, May 8, 2020


We are proud of Dr. Cichon’s welcome back (reopening) patient video example!

As mentioned in Friday’s Town Hall, here is the service link to obtain a Clinic Reopening Video Plan and Edit from Ripe Resolution.

Video is the most convenient way for your patients to know what safety renovations you have made in your practice!

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