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Maximize Isolation with a Defined Role and a Weekly Plan

Sample Covid-19 Administrative Team Member Responsibilities

Job Title: COVID-19 Admin Team Member Department Administration
Employee Name: Date Updated:
Hours Required: State COVID-19 hours Status: Employed

During the current COVID-19 shutdown, you may have a team member who was left on the payroll and is working in isolation at your dental practice. This role is a temporary position during the shutdown to help streamline and deliver effective communication. This communication includes: keeping the practice phone lines answered, sending week-by-week updates to your team and patients, and conveying the message that only emergency cases will be seen during this time. Continue reading Maximize Isolation with a Defined Role and a Weekly Plan

Online Marketing Tips During COVID-19

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Health and safety measures for COVID-19 have required you and the dental profession to close your physical doors. Your first impulse is to pull back your online marketing. Thinking about it, you realize… as more offices retreat offline… and more patients surf online, there is a real opportunity to stand out and hold attention. As time goes by in isolation, that opportunity becomes your only sanctuary. Patients are accustomed to their regular visits. That is when your brand comes to mind and is shared among referrals. With the next time visit unknown, your resources have to pivot, innovate and grow online. In marketing, the last ones standing are the first ones soaring when the economy returns. You are deciding now, how far ahead or how far behind you will be when dentistry is back! Our marketing partner, Ripe Resolution, is here to help our clients stay ahead and keep their business striving online:
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How to Do a Patient Video Message

The importance of addressing and communicating with your patients today is more critical than ever. Isolation can feel depressing, and the fear of the unknown only makes it worse. Now is the time to let your patients know that you are there for them! Click here for our past post on staying in contact with your patients during isolation, and see below for an example video.

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Tips for Coping in Isolation

It has been a few weeks of isolation and instead of being bored at home, do something valuable with your time! The key is not continually watch the “death counter” of this virus. Doing that will only depress you and add the stress of the unknown. See the positive and see the NOW, as opposed to worrying about a future we cannot predict. Find ways to feel blessed that you are safe in your home and healthy. You can also make the best of family time, bonding and getting creative with how to function in isolation. Continue reading Tips for Coping in Isolation