Can a Treatment Coordinator Really Make a Difference?

March 13, 2023by Lisa Philp
By: Lori Vogel Transitions Group Business Systems Coach

I recently had a dentist ask me if a Treatment Coordinator really makes a difference in a dental practice. I understood exactly where they were coming from because, I too, had asked myself that very same question many years ago when I started working in a brand new dental office which had opened up in my small town 2 ½ hours north of Toronto.

I invite you to sit back, close your eyes and visualize how your Treatment Coordinator currently interacts with your new patients & supports existing patients. Really think about it and then ask yourself if they do what I have listed below.  If you don’t have a Treatment Coordinator in your office, then maybe this is food for thought.

  • Trust: The Treatment Coordinator starts to build trust and the relationship at the very first visit, when a patient feels they’ve been heard, helped and honored then you are well on your way to having a very successful new patient experience.
  • Be Present/Create Space: A Treatment Coordinator is NOT a provider; a patient will often open up and share their fears, past dental experiences, financial concerns and insight into their personal life. This is all valuable information to determine how you will deliver your treatment plan to best suit the patient’s needs.
  • Interview: They take the time to sit and listen to the patient on why they chose your office and who we may thank for the referral. They determine what the patient’s expectations are so you don’t make the same mistakes that caused them to leave their previous office.
  • Case Presentation; The Treatment Coordinator presents the treatment plan in layman’s terms with pictures, x-rays & dental education models. They outline what the patient has now, what they need for optimal health, benefits of treatment, consequences of non-treatment, cost and financial options i.e.: insurance, 3rd party financing.
  • Communication: A Treatment Coordinator not only builds a positive relationship with the patient but they also create a smooth line of communication for the entire dental team. They help tremendously with the hand off to the next team member who will be seeing the patient as we explain why they are with us today and what if any concerns they may have. They make sure that all team members, including the dentist, are aware of past dental history, referral source and the number one reason they came to see us.  There are no surprises for the team or the patient as we all know what the next step is in the appointment; we are all on the same page!

I have been an Office Manager, Hygiene Coordinator & Treatment Coordinator prior to becoming a Business Coach with Transitions and can honestly tell you first-hand that “YES” they do make a difference in a dental practice and increase production dramatically when used effectively.

Let us show you how!

Lisa Philp