*Photos taken are not intended for a critique of protective wear and are out of operatory to protect patient privacy.

We are floored to have received such an excellent response to our Dental Heroes initiative. If you missed our first post, “COVID-19- Heroes of Healthcare– DENTISTRY” click here.

Our team has collected so many photos, of so many incredible heroes in the dental community!

At Transitions Group, we applaud your bravery, strength, determination and willpower to help out your communities during this unprecedented time.

We want to see MORE dental heroes!!! In addition to helping with dental emergencies, a hero can also include a dental practice/team who is donating supplies to hospitals or taking on other ways to support their community too.

We want to hear from you and know who you are!

We want to celebrate and recognize you and highlight you as dental heroes!!!

We are asking if you match the above criteria, please send us the following:

Practice name
A photo of the dental hero(s) – suited up, before gloving OR a photo of you taking action to help your community
E-mail to: [email protected]

Your GIFT:
Anyone who sends in the above will be featured and provided spotlight piece for your own practice social media by our media company, Ripe Resolution for when you are back to dental operations.

We look forward to receiving your photos!

Lisa Philp
Chief Visionary Officer
Transitions Group